10 Best Places to Retire in USA

Retirement is the phase of life, which most people would love to enjoy after years of hard work put in by them in their job or profession. So, they look for comfortable and pleasant places to spend the years of retired life. Additionally, the place needs to be affordable, safe and easy to live in and enjoy life. There should be good health and medical facilities to help them out with problems of old age. Considering all these factors, a list has been prepared to present the 10 best places to retire in USA. Here is the list:

1.Austin, TX

The list of top 10 places to retire in USA is topped by Austin, the state capital of Texas. The city boasts of beautiful warm weather, stable economy, reasonably low cost of living and low crime rate. Additionally, retirees can enjoy activities like bicycling and there are high grades for volunteering here, making it an ideal place for spending your life after retirement.

2.Cape Coral, FL

Featuring next on this list is the charming city of Cape Coral in Florida, which has a beautiful warm climate coupled with average national cost of living, low crime rate and a median home price of $ 165000. All these factors make it one of the best places for retirees.

3.Las Cruces, NM

Featuring next on this list is a place called Las Cruces in New Mexico, which lies at a distance of 45 km from the Mexican border. A solid economic base, home price at a median level of $ 176000, low cost of living (8% below the national average) and warm climate makes this place one of the best to retire in the country.

4.Oklahoma City, OK

A cost of living, which is 7% below the national average, is the chief reason why this affordable reason is considered among the best for retired citizens in USA. Additionally, Oklahoma City has a good economy, conducive taxation policy, a reasonable home price averaging $ 161000 and high volunteering ranks.

5.Pittsburgh, PA

The next name in the list of 10 best places to retire in USA is that of Pittsburgh, which has a affordable home price of $ 130000, solid economy, average cost of living and good health facilities on account of large number of doctors per capita. However, its harsh winter may be a negative point for retirees.

6.San Angelo, TX

San Angelo in Texas is another popular destination for retired people, on account of its comfortable warm climate, solid economy and economical home prices of $ 175000. Also, the city has a reasonable low cost of living, which is 9% below the national average.

7.Abilene, TX

This place in Texas had its beginning as a railroad town for cattle, but its good economic structure has today earned it a place on the list of best places to retire in the country. Other points in favor of the city are warm weather, cost of living 13% below the national average and a very affordable home price of $ 139000.

8.Morgantown, WV

The college town of Morgantown is the home to West Virginia University. It is among the best places for retirement years, because of a low cost of living (8% below national average), home price averaging $ 185000 and presence of a large number of doctors.

9.Auburn, AL

Another favorable retirement destination is Auburn, which houses the Auburn University and has a warm climate, low crime rate, a home price of $ 165000 and low cost of living (11% below the national average).

10.Ogden, UT

Ogden is another ideal place to retire in USA as it has a very affordable home price of $ 124000, besides low cost of living, 12% below the national average. Also, the crime rate here is low and the tax climate is comfortable.

Some other cities in USA, which are considered ideal for retiring, are Bellingham, Fargo, Port Saint Lucie, Boise, Clemson and Bowling Green.

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