Top 10 Places in Canada to go on New Year 2015

New Year in Canada is snowy and spending the New Year in extremely cold weather is a great experience. Since you have decided to spend your time in Canada this New Year 2015, we are going to provide you a list of 10 awesome destinations that you will remember for a lifetime.

1.Quebec City

Quebec city is located in Quebec, the eastern part of Canada. You will love to visit “Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac “a French building opened in 1893. This area has a lot of French connections and you are going to love the French architecture. It is an awesome place to spend your New Year 2015.


Not only for the New Year 2015, is Vancouver a great place to be listed in the category of top places to visit during Christmas as well. It is located in the western Canadian shores. Don’t forget to visit False Creek and Port Moody. If you have someone close to you, a cruise along with dinner would be an awesome combination.


Located in Alberta, Edmonton’s New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest celebrations in the North America. The huge traffic jams during the Christmas and New Year are a sight to see and people get crazy by honking their cars all around making it a sight you would love to watch at when you are in a festive mood.


The provincial capital of Ontario, Toronto attracts millions of people during the New Year’s Eve. The place has the best hotels in the world and there are many such hotels and restaurants that they can easily accommodate the millions of influx in the city. The great Lowe’s Toronto Christmas market lasts till the New Year. It would be a great New Year 2015 for you if you are planning to visit this place.


The capital city of Canada, Ottawa welcomes millions to its heart in the eve of the New Year. The official and parliamentarian buildings light up early in December with an illumination ceremony. The ceremony itself is of political importance with the Prime Minister taking part in it. The lights and fun last till the New Year. Ottawa would be another great destination to visit this New Year 2015 and there are lots of foods and drinks that you can have in uncountable hotels and restaurants.


The eastern waters of Canada are the great Atlantic Ocean and Newfoundland is another great place to visit this New Year 2015. Popularly the famous Cape Spear is of great importance to people visiting this area since olden times during sea voyages. It gets its name from the French word meaning Cape of hope. L’Anse aux Meadows is another national historic site to visit in Newfoundland.

7.Lake Louise

This is located in Alberta State and has rocky color which looks like flour suspended in the water. These are actually rocks eroded through by the glaciers. This is an awesome place to visit this New Year 2015 and you are going to remember it for a long time.

8.Niagara Falls

It would be a unique celebration for anyone visiting Niagara Falls in the New Year. The Falls, amazing music and lots of food and drinks make it better. You would not forget the charm of Queen Victoria Park. Other great places to watch here are the Clifton Hill and the Dinosaur Park.


The city is located in Alberta and the grasslands are a must watch. An oil field place in Canada, it is one of the best cities to visit. Though not in millions but thousands of people visit this place for New Year’s celebrations each year.


It is actually the name of the mountain range that is really beautiful. It is the best Ski destination in Canada and the place is filled with many ski lovers who love to sport during the winter season. You are going to have an unforgettable New Year 2015 at this place.


As we have listed out the places you can visit this New Year 2015, there may be some places which might not seem to be a typical way to celebrate the New Year but they are going to be memorable for you.

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