Top 10 Places in USA to go on New Year 2018

New Year 2015 is around the corner and you might be busy planning where to go. If your destination is within the United States, we are going to provide you ten awesome places where you can make your New Year most exciting and unforgettable for the years to come. Take along your friend, love or family, all of these places are going to please your mind.

1.New York

Even if it would not have been New Year’s Eve, New York would still be a partying destination. The famous Times Square Ball drop is an annual and most notable ceremony in the entire world. Started by Adolph Ochs, the ceremony has attracted millions of people around the world and billions of them are copying the same in their respective places where they are partying. Other than that there are lots of food and drinks to have in New York.

2.Las Vegas

Located in Nevada, it is the most populous and hard-partying city. There are multiple parks and museums the most famous Las Vegas Strip is the center of the gambling industry. You can find the best and the most number of casinos here as compared to the other parts of the world. With drinks and casinos, Las Vegas is one of the famous destinations in the world around the New Year.

3.San Deigo

Sharing its border with Mexico, San Deigo is the second largest city in the state of California. It is known for its beaches and parties. You can also visit Balboa Park, Zoo Safari Park and other places of interests like Old Town San Deigo State Historic Park. You can enjoy a cruise and if you have some good friends along opt for party cruise and it is going to be real fun.


Located in Tennessee, it is known for great music and delicious food. It is an amazing city to visit with an emerging downtown area. Art and literature are equally great in Memphis. It is known for its museums and collection of arts.


Amazingly Savannah, a city located in the south was the 4th most preferred destinations in the USA for the New Year eve. Located on the Savannah River, the city has a great diversity and is of much historical importance. Like Memphis, it is too known for its music and theater. There are numerous museums and art houses including Muse Art Warehouse, Little theater of Savannah and Lucas Theatre of The Arts. Ellis Square is a great place to spend your time during the New Year eve.


Ranking third in the population of the USA, this place is one of the most preferred partying destinations. It is known for its arts, entertainment, tourism, and cuisine. This place is known for hard boozing and obviously the most important reason to spend time this New Year 2015.


It is located in Texas and Fair Park is a great place to visit. Not only the New Year, but there are a lot of festivals held in Dallas around the year. The Victoria Park is the place you need to look for. Similar to the Times Square Ball Drop in New York, the New Year eve celebration in AT&T Plaza is the host to many people who throng the place in a mood to party. The Comerica Bank New Year’s Parade is something to look out for.


Like Las Vegas, Detroit is home to many casinos and is a hard-partying destination in Michigan. With women being a major part of most parties, the place is really good to chill out at in the New Year 2015. Besides excellent transportation system, the city is historically important with many museums and entertainment hubs.

9.Los Angeles

It is actually as the name goes- the city of angels. Known for movies and the famous Hollywood, the city is a point of attraction around the year and known for amazing female bartenders in pubs and bars. With the significant high number of bars per unit of population, the city is undoubtedly a great destination to look out for in the New Year 2015.


Let’s go far to the east in Florida, and we can’t resist visiting this place. Known for Cuban music and dance, the city is rich in many other dance forms like disco, freestyle, and hip-hop. Well known for food and drinks, you are going to have an amazing time here in Miami and have a memorable New Year 2015.


So you have a list of top ten places to visit this New Year 2015. We know you would not be able to celebrate more than one place at once. Still, this could be a list you would like to keep for the next nine years!

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