Top 10 Best and Worst Weather Cities in USA

USA is a vast country, covering a major part of the continent of North America. A great diversity can be witnessed in geographical features and climate of this country, with the climate of the East Coast being very different from that of the West Coast. The cities of USA have been classified as those with best or worst weather conditions, based on parameters like such as temperature, sunshine, humidity and rainfall. While the ones with best weather are considered to have moderate and comfortable living conditions, those with worst weather are either too hot or too cold, making people struggle for comfortable survival.

Listed below are the top 10 best and worst weather cities in USA:

1.Honolulu, Hawaii

Topping the list of best weather cities in USA is Hawaii, the paradise for tourists. The city has a beautiful tropical climate, with plenty of sunshine and a comfortable average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the best places weather wise. Bright sunny days are ample, going up to a figure of nearly 270 a year, while the humidity in the city is moderate and average annual rainfall is nearly 18.3 inches.

2.Ashville, North Carolina

Ashville, a wonderful city nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains, at an altitude of 2134 feet, takes the second place in this list. The city has a sub tropical climate, more on the cooler side because of its height above the sea level. The city scores excellent on all parameters- an high temperature of 85 degrees in peak summers, the average snowfall of 13.3 inches and 243 sunny days a year, which makes it a perfect weather city.

3.Temecula, California

Featuring next on the list of best weather cities in USA is a small city called Temecula, which lies between Los Angeles and San Diego. Temecula has comfortable warm days and cool evenings, the average temperature reaching just mid 70s temperature and an average rainfall of nearly 11 inches. Also, the annual 300 sunny days account for its amazing weather.

4.Taos, New Mexico

Situated at a height of 6952 feet, Taos in New Mexico boasts of a wonderful figure of 325 sunny days a year. The climate here is a beautiful temperate one, with 63.4 degrees being the average temperature, 12.3 inches of average rainfall and 29 inches of average snowfall.

5.Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach in South Florida is another best weather city and tourist hot spot in USA, which not only has a beautiful sunshine all year around, but a very comfortable average temperature of 75.9 degrees and average rainfall of 9.3 inches.

Now we will talk about some worst weather cities in USA. Listed below are some of them:

1.Quillayute, Washington

Quillayute, a small town in Washington is considered to be the worst weather city in USA because of uncomfortably high humidity level of 83%. Also, the city has rains for average 210 days a year and clouds for 240 days, with a very high average annual rainfall of 104.5 inches.

2.Astoria, Oregon

Astoria in Oregon comes next on this least with a very gloomy weather all year round. The city has 240 cloudy days a year, in addition to 191 rainy days, with an average annual rainfall of 69.6 inches, making it one of the most difficult places to live in.

3.Marquette & Sault St. Marie, Michigan

These two cities in Michigan jointly share the third spot on the list of worst weather cities in USA. Both experience heavy snowfall and rainfall, and are among the top cities in USA to have maximum snowfall and rainfall throughout the year.

4.Syracuse, New York

Another US city with unbearable weather is Syracuse, which happens to be the fourth rainiest city in the country, with 171 rainy days a year. Additionally, with an average annual snowfall of 111.6 inches, it is also the 4th snowiest city in the country.

5.Binghamton, New York

Binghamton has weather very similar to that of Syracuse, with 162 days of rain and 212 days with overcast skies. It is the tenth rainiest city in USA and has very uncomfortable weather conditions.

Some other cities with best weather in USA are Key West (Florida), Santa Barbara (California), Denver (Colorado) and Prescott (Arizona), while those with worst weather are Elkins (West Virginia) and New Orleans (Louisiana).


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