Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in Italy

Italy is a small country in Sothern Europe, which is one of the most visited destinations around the globe. The country has been known for its scenic beauty, exquisite cuisine, art and culture and amazing fashion. It has some wonderful cities which are loved by people from various parts of the world.

Here is a list of top 10 best cities to visit in Italy:


Sicily is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, which includes a number of smaller isles. Sicily is home to Mount Etna, which is the tallest active volcano in Italy. The island boasts of rich art and culture and has some glorious temples and churches, which stand witness to the ancient civilization of the Mediterranean.


Next on the list of best cities to visit in Italy is Bologna, which boasts of scenic beauty, delicious cuisine and great wealth. The medieval Italian city is the location of one of the oldest universities in Europe and has historic streets with beautiful squares, which are relics to ancient history of the city.

8.Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, which is situated in the south western part of Campania, boasts of outstanding natural beauty and is a popular tourist destination of Italy. This city has a beautiful coastline with picturesque scenery consisting of shiny bays, vibrantly colored villas, comfortable resorts and lemon tree gardens.


Another well known city in Italy is Verona, which is the venue of the famed legend of Romeo and Juliet. It also houses the third largest Roma n arena in the country, which showcases the famous opera festival. The city also boasts of a historic castle, which is a major tourist attraction.


Florence in Tuscany is another renowned Italian city, which features historic art and architecture of the Renaissance Era. It also has a number of museums, which are home to ancient sculptures and paintings. Additionally, the historic gardens and palaces of the city make it an ideal venue for lovers of art and culture.


Naples is a metro city, which presents a unique combination of tradition and modernity. Located in Southern Italy, Naples is the capital of Campania region. It is also the birth place of world famous Italian dishes like pizza and spaghetti and the cuisine of the city exhibits unique flavor due to use of fresh and local ingredients.


Featuring next on the list of best cities to visit in Italy is Turin, the venue of the Winter Olympics of 2006. The city is a cultural center and has excellent restaurants, markets and museums, which make it a popular destination for tourists. It also has a number of historic palaces and arcades.


Venice is a destination which has achieved worldwide fame as it has been built upon a lagoon, making a visit here a unique experience. It has a total of 118 islands, which are linked by countless canals and bridges, the most famous among them being the Grand Canal. It is also reputed to be one of the most romantic cities.


Milan is the fashion capital as well as a prosperous city, which features amazing attractions like restaurants, galleries and designer shops, in addition to rich culture and heritage. The city, which was once devastated during World War II was fully reconstructed, which has given it a wonderful appearance at present.


Rome is the capital city of Italy and also one of the most popular one. It reflects both historic glory and modern amenities, making it a great destination for tourists across the globe. It has a number of attractions, including splendid fountains, palaces, churches and museums, in addition to entertaining options like nightclubs and restaurants. Vatican City and Saint Peters Square are the most precious locations of the city of Rome.

All these Italian cities stand witness to glorious history, culture, art and architecture.

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