Top 10 Coldest Places in the World

Earth is a huge planet, which has diverse geographical and climatic conditions at its different parts. While some places have moderate climate, others are extremely hot or cold, making them famous names on the world map.

Here is the list of top 10 coldest places in the world:

10.Rogers Pass, Montana, USA

Rogers Pass in Montana USA is one of the coldest places in the world, which has registered a lowest temperature of -70 F in January, 1954. This place, which lies at 5610 feet above sea level, is a hub for migratory birds such as Bald Eagles, Canadian Geese and Swans.

9.Fort Selkirk, Yukon, Canada

Next on this list is Fort Selkirk, which is located at the confluence of River Yukon and River Pelly in Canada. The place gets an extremely low temperature of -74 F in the month of January. It is accessible only by plane or boat, and was deserted totally in 1950 due to its adverse climate.

8.Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA

With a temperature dropping to -80 F, Prospect Creek in Alaska, USA is the eighth coldest place in the world. The place has extremely cold sub arctic climate, with very long winter and short summer, which is the reason of its sparse population.

7.Snag, Yukon, Canada

Another place I Yukon, Canada is a village called Snag, which gets the lowest temperature of -81.4 F. The month of January registers very cold and chilly weather at the place.

6.Eismitte, Greenland

The next name on the list of top 10 coldest places in the world is Eismitte in Greenland, which literally translates as Ice Center. With the lowest temperature of -85 F, this place has ice all over it.

5.North Ice, Greenland

North Ice, yet another place in Greenland, is one of the coldest places on the earth, which reaches a minimum temperature of -86.8 F. It was once a research station of British North Greenland Expedition.

4.Verkhoyansk, Russia

Featuring on number 4 in this list is Verkhoyansk in Russia, which recorded a very low temperature of -93.6 F in February 1892. It has very difficult winter weather and is very sparsely populated for this reason.

3.Oymyakon, Russia

Besides Verkhoyansk, Oymyakon is another place in Russia, which is considered as one of the coldest on the planet. The ground here remains frozen throughout the year and it has registered the lowest ever temperature of -96.2 F.

2.Plateau Station, Antarctica

On number 2 among the coldest places in the world is Plateau Station in Antarctica, which has July as its coldest month, as it lies in the Southern Hemisphere. The lowest temperature recorded at this place is -119.2 F.

1.Vostok, Antarctica

Vostok Station, a research station located in Antarctica tops the list of coldest places on the earth. It has measured the lowest temperature till date on the planet, which dropped down to an incredible -128.6 F. August is the coldest month of the year at Vostok.

All these places have made it to the list of the coldest places on the planet, because they have been said to have extremely low temperatures, in addition to chilling winter weather.

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