Top 10 Places in USA to go on Christmas

Christmas is the festival of joy and togetherness, an occasion for the whole family to come together in the festive spirit. You may spend this festive time at home or travelling with your family. If you go for the latter option, you need to look for best destinations to enjoy with the whole family.

Here are the top 10 places in USA to go on Christmas:

10.Grand Canyon

A wonderful Christmas getaway for those with an adventurous streak is the Grand Canyons, which has options galore. The days are pleasant, which call for a hiking trip while the nights can be spent having a bonfire party outside a rented log cabin. A perfect way to celebrate Christmas under the stars!


If you are looking for a peaceful and quite way to spend your holidays, then Maine can be perfect for you. You can enjoy activities like skiing, snow shoeing and wildlife watching here, besides great food, movies and Christmas markets with ornate decorations, making a delightful visual treat.


Featuring next in the list of top 10 places in USA to go on Christmas is the historic town of Charleston in North Carolina, which is famous for its grand celebrations. The attractions offered by the town on Christmas are parades, City of Lights Tour, markets, exhibitions and theaters.


Another cool place in USA to go on this Christmas is the beach city of Miami, Florida. The warm tropical climate of the city gives you a respite from the cold North climate. You can celebrate Christmas here by hanging out on a sunny beach by the day and at fun street parties at night.


Next among the top 10 places in USA to go on Christmas is Honolulu, which offers a myriad of celebrations like the parades and City of Lights Tour to celebrate the festive occasion. The food here is amazing and the Waikiki beach is the best place to celebrate.

5.Los Angeles

If you are looking for a warm California style Christmas, then Los Angeles is the best place for you to go this Christmas. It has so much to offer- from the sunny beaches of Venice and Santa Monica, to the festive wonderland of Disneyland, making it the perfect Christmas destination for everyone in the family.

4.Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the other name of celebration and party. The city is all about casinos and nightclubs and it never sleeps. Though you may not find the traditional Christmas decorations here, still the city celebrates the festive season with themes d├ęcor and special menus at its restaurants.


This beautiful town nestled within the Rockies is the best destination for those looking to spend White Christmas this year. Aspen offers the best mountain retreats and skiing slopes to spend this holiday season. Besides the outstanding beauty of the town, you can have great fun here, with parties and fireworks.


Another great place in USA to spend Christmas is Chicago, which showcases the most elaborate illumination at Michigan Avenue, besides offering great shopping out there. The German Christmas Markets at the Daley Plaza is another cool place for festive hangouts in Chicago. You can also visit Lincoln Park Zoo to witness dazzling decorations.

1.New York City

When you talk about the best Christmas destinations in USA, the show is stolen by none other than the Big Apple itself. The beautifully decorated streets of the city along with the fluffy snow are going to create everlasting memories of the festive season for you. The best Christmas places in the city include the Rockefeller Plaza, Central Park, Times Square and Park Avenue.

Have a memorable time this Christmas at one of these destinations in USA!

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