Top 10 Places in Canada to go on Christmas

Christmas in Canada stands for wonderful festive chill, complete with lots and lots of snow, making it a beautiful experience called “White Christmas”. The freezing cold weather can do nothing to dampen the holiday spirit of the Canadians and the festival is celebrated with great cheer and warmth in towns and cities all over the country. Undoubtedly, you would love to spend the holidays at one of these destinations.

Here is a list of top 10 places in Canada to go on Christmas:


This small city in Alberta is another favorite among the places to go in Canada on Christmas. The attractions offered by the city include the grand festive lights, magic shows, chuck wagon races, bonfires and Christmas movie screenings on big screens.


If you have a family full of kids, then there is no better place to go for Christmas in Canada than Saskatoon, which has the largest number of toy shops and candy stores per capita, along with guaranteed snowfall on the Christmas every year.


Winnipeg offers a wonderful snowy Christmas, and meets the standards to match the name of White Christmas. The beautiful winter weather coupled with festive celebrations make the city an ideal destination for revelers.

4.Niagara Falls

The famous Winter Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls makes it a spectacular Christmas destination in Canada. The 3 million lights along with 120 animation shows, make the sight worth seeing. You can also have fun at the skating rink here, making the place perfect for children.


Another hot favorite place for Christmas in Canada is Calgary, which is famous for its festival called “Zoolights”, which is hosted by the Calgary zoo. The highlights of the festival are millions of lights along with fun for children at Candy Land and Elf Toy Shop.


Featuring next on the list of top 10 places in Canada to go on Christmas is the city of Edmonton, which is acclaimed for the greatest Christmas and New Year celebrations in the country. The city turns into a festive wonderland on the occasion, with crowded streets and traffic jams around the city.


The biggest city in Canada is famous for the largest Santa Claus parades held here on the festive occasion. It consists of beautiful floats, marching bands and of course, Santa, moving on a 6 km long route around the city. The other famous thing about Christmas in Toronto is a festival called Cavalcade of Lights, which begins with the illumination of the huge Christmas tree in the Nathan Phillips Square.


Next among the best places to celebrate Christmas in Canada is Vancouver, which features the traditional Carol Ships Parade of Lights, during which around 80 boats strung together with thousands of lights move around Deep Cove, Port Moody and False Creek, which makes an amazing spectacle.


Next on the list of top 10 places in Canada to go on Christmas is the capital city of Ottawa, which welcomes the holiday season with magnificent illumination in the beginning of December, with a ceremony at the Parliament building, where the Prime Minister begins the show himself, by turning the lights on. The celebration continues for a whole month ahead.

10.Quebec City

Quebec City takes the cake when it comes to the best festive destinations in Canada for the Christmas season. The snow clad lanes and historical buildings of the city are not the only attractions it has to offer. The celebrations are grand, with beautiful illuminations, German market and a splendid light show, making it one of the best celebrations in North America.

Visit one of these places in Canada to have the best Christmas of your life!

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