Top 10 Places To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Canada

Valentine’s Day is not only about love. It is also about how much you remember each other. The best moments you have spent together. Environment plays a very important role when it comes to emotions like love. So why not go ahead and choose an awesome destination where you want to be all alone with your beloved. We are providing a list of top 10 places in Canada to go on Valentine’s Day 2017.

1.Mt. Logan

It is the highest peak in Canada. There are lots of glaciers in Canada and this place is one of the best. You can also visit Kluane National Park and Reserve here. Besides being lonely, they are the places with striking beauty.

Don’t Forget To Check:

2.Rocky Mountaineering train trip

Take your lover along for this spectacular train trip between Alberta and British Columbia. The train trip has been 7 times winner of best train service in the world. You can see great sights while the train moves through beautiful terrain.

3.Prince Edward Island Park

This amazing National Park is a great place to visit throughout the year. You can find an important Bird area here which is a protected area for endangered bird species. You can find Piping Plover flocking here which is on the verge of getting extinct.

4.Juan Perez Sound

It is a sound (water body as per geography), located in British Columbia. The region derives its name from the European traveler and explorer who visited and discovered this area. The sound is known for its diverse aquatic life.

5.The Cabot Trail

It is a rope highway in Nova Scotia. It is also known as Trunk 30. On traveling through this trail, one can see the great Cape Breton Highlands (again named after the explorer who discovered this place). Again, watching the amazing beauty of Breton Highlands will be an unforgettable moment for both of you.

6.Vancouver Island

The Island gets its name from a British explorer and discoverer- George Vancouver. You can find amazing spots like city of Victoria, Butchart gardens and if you wish, you can travel all the way to icy Alaska from here.

7.Banff National Park


It is the oldest National Park of Canada located in the province of Alberta. The gorgeous scenery and spectacular terrain will blow your mind and you would never want to go back from this place. You can reach here through the Trans-Canada highway. You can enjoy the great winter festival known as Banff Winter Carnival here.

8.Le Pays de la Sagouine

In the 17th century, there was a place called Acadia where French Colonists settled. Now it is a part of the provinces like Nova Scotia and other French provinces. Antonine Maillet wrote a novel La Sagouine which won many awards and depicted the Acadian lifestyle. This is another such celebration in New Brunswick province of Canada. It attracts many people from around the world and is worth visiting this place of such historic importance.

9.Big muddy Badlands

In geographical terms, badlands are terrain extremely eroded by wind and water. Big muddy Badlands are located in Saskatchewan and is a difficult place to navigate. Once occupied by criminals, this place is of more historic and tourist importance.

10.Algonquin Provincial Park

This is another place worth visiting and can be reached by Highway 60 or Trans-Canada Highway. There are more than 2000 lakes located within the park. The ones to look out for are Canoe Lake and Nipissing River. The area is more of geographical importance as it separates the different kinds of forests in the north and south.


The places chosen above are chosen carefully to ensure that it provides both of you enough energy to enjoy and the environment play a role of a catalyst in bringing you closer this Valentine’s day 2017.

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