Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Canada has now earned the status of the Land of Opportunities, which attracts people around the world, who come here in search of greener pastures in terms of career options. The average monthly salary in Canada is 5,595 Canadian Dollars, with quite a few variations depending upon your job and qualification. There are several lucrative career and job options available in the country, which help people to make good money here. Before you start your job hunt, make sure you prepare your resume. You can do that easily with a resume maker.

Listed below are the top 10 highest paying jobs in Canada:

1.Electric and Gas Operations Manager

Topping the list of the highest paying jobs in Canada is the job of Electric and Gas Operations Manager, which a technical job is available in the oil, gas and mining sector. It fetches an excellent monthly salary of nearly 30000 CAD per month.

2.Cash Flow Analyst

Featuring next on the list is the accounting job of a cash flow analyst, which requires you to have a qualification and experience in accounting and finance sector. If you get your hands on this job, you can make up to 27000 CAD per month.

3.Risk Management Director

Another lucrative job option in Canada is that of a Risk Management Director in the Insurance sector. This top end job entitles you to an average monthly salary of 20833 CAD.


With a high average monthly salary of 18333 CAD, the job of a physician with a specialty in the field of urology stands next on the list of highest paid jobs in Canada. A degree in medicine is a must for this job, which comes under the category of health and medical jobs.

5.Branch Manager (Automotive)

Another highly paid worker in Canada is a branch manager in the automotive sector. A person who provides his services for this particular position is able to make as much as 16667 CAD, which is quite an impressive figure.

6.Group Branch Manager (Banking)

Another high paying industry in this developed country is banking and bank jobs are highly sought after jobs here, both for offering good salaries as well as great facilities and perks. A group branch manager in Canada can earn a whopping figure of 16000 CAD per month.

7.Chief Executive Officer (Executive and Management)

Another job in Canada, which fetches a good amount of money, is that of a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in a company. For providing executive as well as managerial services, a company CEO is paid an average monthly salary of nearly 14689 CAD.

8.Biology Teacher (Teaching/Education)

Teaching and education is a highly reputed and sought after career field in the country, which makes teachers, particularly in the subject of Biology, some of the top earning individuals in Canada. The average monthly salary of a Biology teacher in Canada is 14000 CAD.

9.Facilities Director (Facilities Maintenance and Repair)

A Facilities Director is paid an average monthly salary of nearly 13333 CAD for the job of looking after facilities maintenance and repair, so that things run smoothly over there.

10.Professor-Medicine (Teaching/Education)

A medicine professor features next on the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in Canada, by sharing a figure of 13333 CAD with a Facilities Director.

Besides these professionals, other high paying jobs in Canada include Multimedia Developer, Finance Executive, Exploration Manager, Banking Operations Department Manager, Media Planner, Pilot and Mine Engineer.

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