Top 10 Biggest Industries in Canada

The flourishing industrial sector in Canada has made this country a dream destination for people from all over the world, who are in search of lucrative opportunities. The highly developed industries provide a great scope for economic and infrastructural development in the country, in addition to generating ample employment opportunities.

Here is a list of top 10 biggest industries in Canada:


Canada has been blesses with natural resources in abundance, which accounts for a flourishing agricultural sector in the country. In fact, it is among the largest producers of food grains in this part of the world. This sector contributes nearly 8% to the GDP of the country, with most of the crop being exported to the US.


Transportation industry has become a top sector in the Canadian economy in recent times. This includes both air and surface transportation, with airlines like Air Canada and WestJet making it big in addition to the widespread rail sector, which caters to the transportation needs of manufacturing industries.


Next on this list comes the banking industry, which has grown by leaps and bounds, making phenomenal profit figures in 2012. Despite a bit of slack performance after that boom period, it is guaranteed that this industry will continue to churn out huge profits in the future too. Some leading players in the industry include Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank and Bank of Montreal.


Technology industry has been an undisputed winner for the past several years, when it comes to listing the biggest industries in Canada. The major companies which are dominating the technology and wireless industry in the country have some big names like Bombardier Inc, IBM Canada, Bell Mobility and Catamaran Corp.


Another industry which is included among the biggest and most profitable industries in Canada is mining, which is having a positive impact of the presence of large mineral reserves in the country. It has rich reserves of uranium, aluminum, cobalt, titanium, tungsten and diamonds.


Another growing industry is Canada is energy, which benefits to a great extent by the country being rich in oil and natural gas, the key energy resources. The country is the leading hydroelectric power producer in the world and also has the third largest oil resource. It has now diversified into production of solar and wind energy.


After a slow growth in the past few years, the manufacturing industry in Canada has come back strong now, accounting for 14% of the GDP of the country. The automotive parts industry is particularly doing very well.

8.Health Services

Health services such as medical assistance, technical services, education, nursing and hospitals form one of the biggest and most important industries in the country. It ensures that a large number of people get employment in the sector and additionally, this sector has seen rapid growth in recent times.


Canada being blesses with natural beauty and man-made tourist attraction, accounts for tourism being one of the leading industries here. Every year, thousands of tourists around the world come to visit this heavenly place.


Another industry which is doing pretty well in Canada is the retail sector, with some key global players like Walmart accounting for huge profits in the sector.

With so many developed and profitable industries, Canada is undoubtedly becoming a force to reckon with on a global level.

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