Top 10 Best Airlines in Canada

Being a developed nation, Canada has heavy air traffic, which accounts for a large number of airports as well as airlines operating in the country. These airlines cater to the needs of business travelers, both domestic and international, as well as tourists, who come to visit this country from around the world.

Here is a list of top 10 best airlines in Canada:

1. Air Canada

The top spot on the list of best airlines in Canada is occupied by Air Canada, which is the main international flight provider to and fro the country, carrying more than 32 million passengers to more than 178 destinations over five continents. The main hubs of Air Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal. The regional partner of this airline is Air Canada Express.

2. West Jet

West Jet is an airline offering the best services at economical prices, which has acquired the status of one of the largest airlines in Canada, in just a period of 15 years. It provides flights to destinations across the US and the Caribbean, with a total of 30 destinations in Canada, 32 in the US and 26 in the Caribbean.

3. Jazz Air

Next among the top 10 best airlines in Canada is Jazz Air, which is the leading airline in terms of a number of destinations in Canada as well as the overall flights. It caters to destinations across all the 10 provinces of the country, in addition to around two dozen destinations in the US. It also works in collaboration with Air Canada t operate flights in some smaller communities across Canada and the US under the name of Air Canada Express.

4. Central Mountain Air

Another leading airline in Canada is a regional airline called Central Mountain Air, which operates mainly on the western coast of Canada. It operates flights to nearly 17 destinations in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

5. Air Transat

Next among the best airlines in Canada is Air Transat, which is the top charter airline operating in the country. The Montreal-based airline carries more than 2.5 million passengers to nearly 60 destinations in 25 countries every year.

6. Calm Air

Calm Air is another leading regional airline in Canada, which is based in Thompson, Manitoba. The airline operates throughout Manitoba and Nunavut and is known to provide excellent services. The airline is owned by Exchange Income Corporation.

7. First Air

First Air is a popular regional airline in Canada, which is based in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa, and provides flights to 34 destinations in the Northwestern territories, along with Nunavut and Nunavik. It specializes in the field of charter flights and has been a part of humanitarian missions worldwide.

8. Harbor Air

The next name in the list of top 10 best airlines in Canada is that of the regional airline called Harbor Air, which was started in 1982 under the original name of Windoak Air Service. It provides seaplane charter services in British Columbia.

9. West Coast Air

West Coast Air is a well-known airline in Canada, which flies private charters as well as tours across the British Columbia coast.

10. Air North

Among the best airlines in Canada is Air North, which is headquartered in Whitehorse, Yukon, and has flights to destinations in the Northwestern territories including Alaska, Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia.

All these airlines are well known in Canada for providing the best services at a large number of destinations. Also, check this article

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