Top 10 Lakes in Canada

It’s recommended that you must plan visiting Canada once in a life time; obviously many times if it’s possible for you. The Canadians are enriched with all sorts of natural beauty resources. You need endless storage options to capture some of them. However, the line-up given below presents some of the top ranked lakes in the nation. These are must visit, have a look!

1.Lake Athabascas

The lake is one of the largest in Canada covering about 7,850 Km2. Not only the largest, is Lake Athabasca considered the innermost lakes over the nation. It is said that the fishes rule the lake. In fact, it’s like universe of the fishes as over 25 species of fishes can be found within it. Interestingly, a 102 pound fish was caught here that is still, a world record.

2.Lake Claire (Alberta)

Clarie is the largest lakes and considered one of the finest natural animal resources. Unique part is that despite being the largest it is there absolutely within Alberta. To be specific, the Wood Buffalo National park solely owns the lake, and their union makes absolutely a stunning natural beauty. Coming towards the statistical part, the lake covers 554 sq mi of area and stays at a height of 213 m.

3.Jackfish Lake (Alberta)

It is having a great connection with the Jackfish; in faction it has been named in accordance. The lake geographically stays at about 65 miles west from Edmonton. You can expect the best residential facilities over here, hence making it one of the perfect options for family people. Jackfish is another great resource of the fishes. However, Northern Pikes, Walleye, and Yellow Perch are found most in numbers.

4.Kinbasket Lake

Kinbasket Lake is having a great economic value. It has been made into a reservoir on the Columbia River that was made by the formation of Mica Dam. The lake is having a great historical background. Though it has been flowing since a long ago, still the naming was done in 1866. The present form that we see today has been done after the formation of Mica Dam. The lake is having a great role in establishment of many cities.

5.Gates Lake

This one of the smallest lake is quite rich in terms of its scenic beauty. Apart from Gates Lake, it is also popular with the names like Tenass Lake, Halfway Lake and many others. It involves one of the exemplary drainage systems. The lake passes through very popular Coast Mountains. However, for the visitors the place is having decent lodging or residential arrangements. You can easily connect with the cities from here.

6.Clearwater Lake (British Columbia)

Clearwater is another largest lakes in the nation situated in Wells Gray Provincial Park. Basically the lake is the broader form of the river with same name. To make it clearer for the visitors it is here to mention that the valley road or the Wells Gray park road finally meets Clearwater Lake. Never miss the boat ride here; it’s going to be an experience of life. There are more than 75 sites here; hence it is advised to visit here with full planning.

7.Evans Lake (British Columbia)

This is a small lake just of 1.3 kilometre covers a mammoth 604 acres site. Anyway, Evan Lake has been one of the most preferred zones for having quality times. Perhaps that’s the reason that the place has been the centre for youthful activities since 60s. You can witness here summer camps through out the year at the place. Hence, undoubtedly there is no issue regarding communications or residential matters.

8.Garibaldi Lake

If you are in a hunt for the most enchanting lakes in Canada, then Garilbaldi Lake should be your option. It stays through Garilbaldi Provincial Park that has loads of natural wonders to blow you away absolutely. Starting from the cliffs, forests, gardens, to falls you will never be disappointed with it. In addition, this is a wildlife secured zones. There are special arrangements for your photography passion as well.

9.Slocan Lake

Channelled through the Slocan River this is another most favourite zones for tourists. Channelled through the Slocan River has a great contribution in development of many cities. The lake is considered the safest where the water is most steady in nature. Starting from boating to fishing you will never be disappointed here. There is absolutely no reason to be worried regarding lodging, or communication issues.

10.Maligne Lakea

The lake is quite synonymous with Jisper National Park. Interesting fact about the lake is its colour. Why only colour, it is having various other types of beautiful resources like glaciers, covering mountains, falls make the one of the most desired destinations for the photography fans. It covers a total 44 km of area and you shouldn’t be worried at all about the communication as you can reach here through bikes as well.

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