Top 10 Castles in Canada

Castles the symbol of luxury, royalty and status prove the human talent of architecture in a best possible way. While talking about the Castles, the part of world that comes spontaneous into mind is certainly the Canada. Especially the world was simply freak for these castles during 90s. The best part is that these buildings are still glorifying the antique creatures in the same way. Have a look at the compilation that is regarding 10 most important castles in Canada.

1.Hatley Castle on Vancouver Island

After being under the government supervision, the castle has been one of the much preferred destinations for the tourists in Canada. It has been the choice for elite classes since 40s. History says it was the favoured destinations for the British royal family during Second World War days. In fact, it came under British government after 1940 only. What so ever, it is a must visit place in lifetime.

2.Parliament Hill in Ottawa

This very famous destination is the native of the r the Parliament of Canada situated in Ottawa. It is considered the most visited destinations over the nation. It witnesses over 3.5 million tourists in a year. The place has been the favourite for history passionate as many past events have been placed in various forms at the place.

3.Casa Loma in Toronto

Situated on Austin Terrace, Ontario, Canada, the place has become one of the much preferred destinations for the visitors in Toronto in these contemporary days. The flawless beauty of it has always been attracting the snapping fans and hence the movie makers. A number of your favourite flicks have been filmed here at the place. It has been made by legendry Sir Henry Mill Pellatt.

4.Chateau Frontenac in Quebec

This very popular hotel is one of the most favoured visitor destinations situated in Quebec City, Canada. It looks absolutely elite, and in fact was built for these groups of people. The castle is having a great background as well. It has been there and still maintained the flavour since 1893. In addition, Chateau has been the centre of attraction for the snappers since inception. The popularity can be well guessed from the fact that it is having a place in the prestigious Guinness book of world record.

5.British Columbia Parliament Buildings in Victoria

Situated in Victoria, British Columbia, the building is having the most historic importance over the whole Canada. The castle has been functional since about 1900s and has been flawlessly maintaining the standard since then. It has been the preferred destinations for British elite groups and is in use as the place for Assembly of British Columbia.

6.Chateau Laurier in Ottawa

Being situated in the capital of Canada the place is obvious to gather a huge crowd throughout the year. It took about 3 years for the making of this grand place. Earlier the place was initiated on April 15, 1912. It is under the Fairmont hotels at present. Anyway, the peculiar fact about the lace is that many people claim to have witnessed the ghosts over here during their staying. What do you think? Is it so?

7.Dundurn Castle in Hamilton

Here we come up with another antique name in the compilation. Situated in Hamilton the royal place was made in 1835. The place was one of the biggest destinations for celebration and a symbol of royal luxury. At present it is under city of Hamilton, and considered one of the preferred destinations for the photographers and tourists over the globe. It was made by Sir Allen Napier Mac Nab.

8.The Empress in Victoria

Situated over the government street in Victoria, the empress was made during initial 1900s. Like its contemporaries the prime aim of its formation is to serve all sorts of lavish comfort for the elite groups of visitors. At present this flawless destination is under the Legacy Hotel Real Estate Investment Trust. The place gathers crowd from all over the globe through out the year.

9.Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, British Columbia

Craigdarroch was considered the most suitable and overgenerous castles situated in Victoria, British Columbia. Though Robert Dunsmuir put the first brick for the castle, but unfortunately he passed away ten months prior the construction was made. However, it includes one of the most enchanting constructions and art. However, this is available as a museum in present days and has the witness of extravagant furniture of the 90s.

10.Chateau Lake Louise in Banff

Situated in Banff National Park the place was made with an intention to drag the attentions of elite tourist groups and provoke them for visiting the through the lavish trains during 1900s. It surrounds one of the most picturesque scenery for the visitors. The best part of the process is that the place still is having the same classic beauty and has been attracting the contemporary visitors as well.

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