Top 10 Canadian models

Personality, grace, and attitude when intersect in one body, then it is called a super model. And, being a super model you are not far away of success. The land of luxury Canada has been providing the top models to the world. Here in the compilation, we have listed the top 10 Canadian models those have touched the extreme of success these days. Have a look!

1.Jessica Stam:

If you wish ever that the baby dolls come alive, then go and watch Jessica Stam up front. This 28 years model is another name to achieve success at a magical rate. The above line lives up pretty much when we say she was listed in the prestigious Forbes magazine in the year 2007 when she was just 21. This 5 feet 10-inch leggy lash is certainly one of the highest earning Canadian models.

2.Ramona Amiri:

The 5 feet 8 Canadian model was crowned with the esteemed Miss World Canada in the year 2005. Apart from being a model, Ramona is a terrific personality. She is having a degree in Biology from British Columbia. The flawless beauty has moved all over Canada for creating consciousness regarding special issues. She was the only contender to be in top 5 lists in swimsuit and talent rounds at Miss World Pageant.

3.Kim Cloutier:

Kim is having the perfect shape, and she is the lady in demand when any of the lingerie, swimsuit or fashion photo shoots is organized. The blue eyed 5 feet 9-inch model has bagged a lot of success just at the age of 27. Her flawless body makes her the best diva to appear with sports brands. Currently, she has many brands under her bag, but the commercials of Soma Intimates have created a lot of buzz around her.

4.Coco Rocha:

This is 26 years supermodel is the darling of many Canadian hearts. The 5 feet 10 born in Toronto diva dragged a lot of attention in 2012 when she appeared in the commercial for White House Back Market. Apart from modeling, Coco Rocha is having a lot of interest in charitable works as well. She got a lot of applause for raising voice against the occurrence of eating disorders in modeling world.

5.Daria Werbowy:

She has been listed in the line-up of very prestigious Forbes magazine as one of the highest paid models. But, interestingly there was never in her mind earlier that she will be a model in future. The blue eyes and brown hairs of this 30 years old 5 feet 11 inches babe, has been the top notch of biggest brands over the globe. Daria had owned a national modeling contest just at the age of 14.

6.Yasmin Warsame:

This 5 feet 10 Canadian super model is having enough exposure as an activist as well. Getting listed in popular survey magazines is a pretty conventional thing for her. She was called “The Most Alluring Canadian” by Fashion Magazine. Even at the age of 38 she makes biggest brands over the globe to struggle a lot to find a date of her. This Somalia-born model went to Canada just at the age of 15 and started her quest.

7.Rachel Roberts:

She is one of the frequently known names in Canadian modeling arena. The 5 feet 9 inch model was born on April, 1978. Rachel has done many ad commercials and campaigns. However, she got a lot of buzz for her appearances with Biotherm Skin Care products. Apart from modelling she has shown her skills in acting as well in the flicks like S1mOne. She has been the part of dream magazines for models like Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and many others.

8.Stacy McKenzie:

Stacy is a very famous personality in Canadian modelling world. The 5 feet 10 inch model was originally born in Kingston, Jamaica. Recently, she was the judge of a very popular Canadian reality show “Canada’s Next Top model”. However she had to do a lot of struggle in her early career for not having a conventional modelling look.

9.Tricia Helfer:

It’s hard to believe that she is 40, and still a top ranked Canadian model. Her accelerated success in modelling arena made her appeared in the world of acting within a very short while. Tricia got immense popularity for playing the Cylon Number Six in Battlestar Galactica television series. This year she has made her fan list even longer by playing Molly Parker on ABC’s Killer Women.

10.Heather Marks:

Here we come up with another doll face in the compilation. She has some unique features that make her different from others. Interestingly she was already 178 cm (5 feet 10) just at the age 12, and hence immediately got noticed at the Calgary Woman’s show. This big eyed 26 years electric beauty has never felt any struggle for her unbelievable doll like gesture.

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