Top 10 Highest Mountains in the World

You watch through your mindset; eye is just a medium. A poet just gets in to a whole new world through the scenic beauty of mountains from a distance. And, there are some valorous hearts as well those have a different mindset of defeating these very proud mountains by being there at the top of it. Well, if you are one among those, the line-up is for you. It’s about top 10 mountains in the world.

10 Annapurna

The fifty five kilometres long is situated in north cental Nepal. There are various peaks of it here; the highest among those are of 23,000 ft. It is surrounded by Kali Gandaki on the west, Marshyangdi over north and east, and Pokhra valley. It is present at 8,901 meters above sea level staying at number ten.

9 Nanga Parbat

Here we come up with the Nanga Parbat standing tall at number nine. It is present at about 26,600 feet above sea level. This is considered one of the most challenging mountains to cover. It has witnessed many accidents, and hence also known with the name as the Killer Mountain.

8 Manaslu

Manaslu comes at number eight being situated at 26,781 feet above sea level. It basically comes within Nepalese Himalayas at the western part of Nepal. The mountain holds rich spiritual background and importance.

7 Dhaulagiri

Dhaulagiri coming at number seven stays at about 26,795 feet above sea level. It was reached by a group on 13th May, 1960 for the first time. You can certainly get an overview of the heaven after taking a glimpse of its complete white surface.

6 Cho Oyu

Staying at 8,201 meters height from the sea level, Cho Oyu is the sixth tallest mountains over the globe. It is basically situated at 20 km west from Mount Everest on the Nepal-Tibet border. Cho Oyu is one of the sloppiest mountains.

5 Makalu

Makalu coming at number five in the line-up is present at a 27,766 feet5 height from the sea level. Basically, the mountain stays on the border line of Nepal and China. However, the mountain stands in a pretty peculiar pyramid shape in a distinguishing position.

4 Lhotse

At number four we have Lhotse. The mountain is present at 27,940 feet above from the sea level. However, you can connect with the Mount Everest from here, and the mountain is situated at the border zones between Tibet and Khumbu parts of Nepal.

3 Kangchenjunga

At number three we have Kangchenjunga that has an elevation of 28,169 feet at a section of the Himalaya. There is Tamur River present at its west, and Teesta River at the east. Basically, the mountain is located in Sikkim, India.

2 Godwin Austen

Also known with various names like K2, Chhogori, the mountain Godwin-Austen is the second tallest mountains over the globe standing at 28,251 feet. The mountain’s geographical location is between Gilg-Balistan (Pakistan) and the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China. This is the top most position of Karakoma range.

1 Mount Everest

Finally, we come up with the top most position on earth, the Mount Everest. The mountain is a section of the Himalayas. It stays at about 29,029 feet high from the sea level. Globally known as the Everest, it is also known with names like Sagarmatha, and Chomoulungma.

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