10 Most Bizarre Festivals in the World

It’s very difficult to understand the mindsets of humans and so about their preferences. Cultures are different and so their choice. Festivals often reflect the culture of a society. These are generally designed with something inner thoughts. However, there are instances or festivals when you just have no clue why these are such. Let’s have a look at some of those weird festivals observed in some parts of the world.

10 Kanamara Matsuri

The festival is observed by the people of Kawasaki, Japan. It is based on a native penis exaltation holy place that used to be too auspicious among sex workers those wanted to pray for safety from sexual diseases. The best part is the strong believe involved by the people through the process.

9 Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

The event is conducted once in a year. It has been observed by the people those stay in native village. In fact, it is observed for the same villagers as well. From the very extreme a spherical cheese is rolled and people chase it. Naturally, the one who comes first wins it.

8 Hadaka Matsuri

It’s such a crazy festival in which people put on as less cloth as it is possible. They only wear something called fundoshi; otherwise, they are absolutely bare body. The festival is observed in many parts of Japan, and the basic aim is to make people happy in life.

7 Monkey Buffet Festival

This is a fun festival. Observed in Thailand the basic aim of it is to encourage tourism. Interesting to mention here is that a buffet for monkeys is arranged in this case. People here have to say that the macaque monkeys bring good luck. Huge amounts of fruits are reserved for the festival.

6 La Tomatina

Here we come up with another fun filled and crazy festival. La Tomatina is the occasion when people target each other through the tomatoes. It is observed in the Valencia town of Bunol. Don’t have any work on final Wednesday of August for the festival.

5 Baby Jumping Festival | El Salto del Colacho

This is one of the most antique festivals observed in Spain. People dressed as evils jump over the new born babies those take birth during the last year. These babies are slept over the street. It is believed that the babies can live a smooth and fatigue free life through the process.

4 Naki Sumo

Through the festival a couple of sumos are put in to fight with babies in their hands. Each sumo tries to make the bay in the other’s hand cry. It has been observed since last four hundred years. We really don’t have any clue on the reason behind such practice.

3 Festival of the Horns | Festa del Cornuto

Horn here represents someone who has been cheated. It is basically observed for the people whose wife or girlfriends cheat them by moving away with other men. Men those are cheated go for a march on the streets, sometimes crying and making pieces of the gifts by their wife/lovers. It sounds really funny; isn’t it?

2 Pamplona Bull Run

This is a pretty well known festival over the globe. If you want to enjoy book, come here from 6th to 14th July here each year. Bulls in fiery state of mind are exposed targeting people on street for about 800 meters and you have to run for life.

1 Turkey Testicle Festival

It’s about in taking the animal testicles; often decrepit and cooked. The festival has been taken place in Byron. Each year the testicle cook competition is organised in September in Ozrem, Serbia. Different kinds of testicles are prepared here that also includes those of wildlife.

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