Top 10 Engineering Wonders of the Modern World

People often differentiate Science and Art. But, in real the fact is, Science itself is an art. Don’t believe? Well, what would you say about those artistic creations? Do you think it is possible without a beautiful mind? Humans have created wonder through the perfect blend of science and art. In the line-up today we would take a look at some of those.

10 Akashi Kaikyō Bridge

It perfectly exhibits the extent of contemporary engineering skills. People also call it as the Pearl Bridge. It is considered as the biggest cable bridge, and the best part is that to ensure no compromise in look there are no pillars available for support.

9 Millau Viaducts

Millau Viaduct is considered the tallest bridge over the globe. The ranking never ends here; at 890 feet this becomes the 12th biggest bridge floor over the globe at 270 meters between the road base and the floor under. It has bagged many accolades for the awesome construct.

8 The Venice Tide Barrier Project (Venice, Italy)

It was initiated as a noble project for resisting flood from affecting the city of Venice. The process was initiated in the year 2003. There are about eighty throttling channels each with an area of about six thousand five hundred square feet. The channels are much stronger in metal frames.

7 USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77)

It took a whole eight years for the completion of project. The entire budget of the project is about six billion dollars. It is of about eleven hundred feet and a complete hundred thousand tons being one of the biggest warships. There are a couple of nuclear reactors available to power the complete system, and can function for more than twenty years with a single fuel supply.

6 North European Gas Pipeline

It’s a great process overall. The gas channel is a natural gas channel from Vyborg to Greifwald. There are a couple of equivalent lines available throughout. The pipeline covers about thousand two hundred and twenty two kilometres length.

5 Three Gorges Dam (Sandouping, Hubei, China)

This is the biggest electric power production centre, and at the same time having the strongest structure. The whole power generation unit can generate the power which is equivalent to that of twenty nuclear power plants.

4 Palm Islands (Dubai)

Artificiality and human expertise have been always at the best in Dubai. However, this time it crosses all limits. It is the biggest artificial island that can be ever imagined. The project was initiated back in 2001, and chained three hundred fifty miles of beaches.

3 Beijing National Stadiums

By definition it is just a stadium, but taking a dig from architect point of view it is the best proof of human ability. Pretty popular with the name Bird’s Nest this is a mammoth steel work. Watching Olympic sports become much more enchanting and enjoyable from the stand.

2 Euro tunnel

Fascinating engineering work is at its very best here. The channel initiates from England and terminates in France. Completely in water the whole structure is absolutely within sea and covers a huge area overall.

1 Three Gorges Dam

This is another excellent hydroelectric project that covers the Yangtze River by Sandouping, China. It is a huge power generating centre with the efficiency of about twenty two thousand five hundred mega watt. Apart from power, it becomes too useful in terms of storage efficiency.ankara oto kiralama,otokiralama ankara ,oto kiralama ankara,ankara oto kiralama,otokiralama

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