10 Best Low Cost Ideas to Promote Your Business

Starting a business is not the so tough job but running it smoothly and taking it to the next level is tough. You need to work hard and develop new strategies according to your market competition. You should have the knowledge of your competitors more than you. You should be aware of each and every step. And the most important thing is the Marketing or promotion of your business.

Business Marketing or Business promotion needs more money and continues efforts to rock in the market. But in the early stages of startups, it is not possible to expand more money on advertisements or promotions. But it doesn’t mean that you should not do an advertisement. You need to do it because it is the need of your business.

So the question is how you can do effective marketing? What are the best ways to promote your business on a small budget? How you can advertise your business in front of your targeted and potential customers and make your business or brand a big name.

So in this article, I am going to share some great ideas to promote your business offline and online when you don’t have enough money to promote on big channels or invest huge money for advertisement and promotion.

Use Local Listing Services

Local listing plays a vital role in increasing business and brand value especially when you are doing local business. You don’t need to invest money in listing your business on local business directories. There are some major local business directories like Google Local Business Listing, Yahoo Business Listing, Bing Listing, Yelp, and other yellow pages. You don’t need to be an expert or hire an SEO expert in these for registering your business. You can do it by yourself and get good branding and search appearance.

Set up a Website and Start a Blog

Online presence is essential for the success of the business. Because most of the customers using the internet today for purchasing any product. So you should have a website if you want to capture the online audience and want to convert them into your customer.

And if you start a blog along with your site, you can get a lot of visitors depending upon your blog content, and you can convert them into your customers or clients. So the blog can also help you to brand yourself and develop your business.  Don’t worry; you can set up a website and blog on a small budget, and you don’t need to invest more money on the initial level.

Utilize Social Media

Yes, Social Media is an important part of any business’s promotions marketing, and branding strategies. This is the time when you can survive without social media marketing. Do you think, Social Media Marketing is an expensive marketing technique? No, it is a very cost-efficient and low budget branding and marketing technique. You can either do it by yourself or hire a freelancer on a tiny budget. Just research and analyze what your audience base is and learn which platform your audience uses the most.

Start Engaging Your Customer with Videos

Videos are the most important strategy that can attract more visitors or customers to your business. A compelling and engaging video can be in mind for more time than a banner or other ads. So try to shoot an engaging video and share on social media. This is also a low-cost advertising idea, and you can build a brand with videos.

Proper SEO for Website

SEO is a technique which can help you to increase your position on Google and the other leading search engines. And if you are ere able to achieve the first position for your primary keywords, you can earn a lot of money and increase your sales. Don’t worry; SEO doesn’t need massive investments, but you can hire any freelancer at a low cost.

Join Relevant Communities

Communities are the best place to find your potential customers and audience and engage with them. If you can engage with your client, you can build more trust among the customer which can lead to mouth to mouth marketing. And for this you don’t need to invest any coin, you just need to give you time from your busy schedule.

Be Problem Solver

When you solve any customer’s problem, it creates a positive image of your client’s mind which can lead to making your brand more secure. Be active in communities and social media and find problems under your niche and solve them. Here is a chance to turn your customers into your brand ambassadors. And you can earn this all without paying anything to anyone.

Offer to be Speaker

Speaking at any event can create more leads for your business. You can share your profile and about your business when you offer to be the speaker in any event. The event organizer helps you to promote you and your business profile while they promote their event. So you are getting branding without paying any coin. You are just giving your time to them.

Collect emails and Send Newsletters

Newsletters can help you to update your customers about new releases and offers. You just need to collect email addresses through your website and all done. Once you got the emails, you can send them occasional emails like the new product launch, new offers, and discount coupons, etc.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

Contest and Giveaway help you to engage with more customers, and they help you to increase product and brand reach among the communities. You can just give a free copy of your product to the winner. But in return, you are getting more than what you have invested.


These are the ten best low-cost business advertisement and promotion ideas that can be used for your business or product promotion or advertisement. There are many more ways you can adopt, but they may be a little bit costly. But the major and primary way to improve your brand value.

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