What are the Different Ways to Record Online Business Meeting

Online-meeting software has made it convenient for bosses to communicate with their workers when they are not in the office. Everybody likes to use the free tool to conduct the online meeting, but the problem is that free live conference software often does not provide a recording function. You want the ability to record a live meeting for various purposes such as reviewing it for improvement or letting another person to watch it. There are several ways record an online business meeting.

Online Business Meeting

Skype for Business

If you prefer Skype, you can use Skype for Business to record the live call. It has a built-in tool for recording audio, video and IM text of a live meeting. In Manage Recordings, you can see a list of recordings you have made. You can convert or share the files with people. It also allows you to compress the file size and send to a recipient who is experiencing low internet connection. To record a live call, click the More Options button and choose Start Recording. You also have to click the microphone icon to enable microphone recording. When the call ends, you can click on the stop recording button at the bottom. The downside of Skype for Business is that it can become unresponsive especially when you are organizing multiple chats.

Skype Plugin

You can install a plugin like Pamela into the personal version of Skype to record the video call. Pamela is compatible with up to Windows 8. The free version lets you record a five-minute video call. If you purchase the paid version, you will not be faced with any restriction on the length of the video and the number of recordings you can make. It allows you to adjust the settings in Tools > Options. It has an option like automatically record call on Skype or automatically opens Skype when Pamela is launched. You can manually record the call by pressing the Record button. As soon as the call ends, it will automatically stop the recording. It has a pause button in case you want some parts of the live conversion not be recorded. You can also manually stop the recording by pressing the stop button at any time.

Screen Recording Software

Screen Recording Software

The second option is to use screen recording software. For example, Movavi Screen Recorder has all the features that you need for recording a call. The program is fast and recording a call only involves a few simple steps. First, you use the crosshair cursor to draw a recording frame over the window where the recipient’s face will appear. If you know the window size, you can choose from the preset forms the Capture Area drop-down menu. When you want to start recording, you can hit the F10 key or press the REC button. It is linked to a video editing software which you will find when you stop the recording. In the video editor, you can tweak the video to improve quality. For example, if a person on the live call is speaking softly, you can click the gear-wheel button and drag the volume slider to the right to increase the volume. The software can be used to record Skype calls or video calls on other types of programs.

Online Meeting App

Another option is to use online meeting app to conduct the call. In this way, you will be able to use the recorder in the online meeting app to record the call. If you use the online meeting app, there is a chance that people may access your recorded conversations since it is saved on the site’s server. Additionally, your browser may hang as the recording will take up extra bandwidth and CPU resources.

Meet on Google Hangouts

If you are using Google Hangouts, you can use the built-in video meeting recording tool called Meet to record the video call. The recorded meeting will automatically be available for download on Google Drive. You will also see a link in Calendar if you join the video meeting through an event marked in the Calendar. You can only access the video meeting recording function in the G Suite Enterprise. In Meet, you must go to More > Record Meeting > Start to initiate a recording. When you want to stop recording, go to more again and choose Stop recording. It will take a few minutes for the recording to be generated and saved on Google Drive. It will also send an email to the organizer of the online meeting.