The Best Video Editing Softwares of 2018

Nowadays, everyone, be it a teenager, or an elderly person, or anyone, irrespective of age, is fond of making videos and uploading them on the most famous social platform i.e., YouTube. Earlier, videos were being edited by some highly professional team but now the tables have turned. Now, anyone can edit his/her own videos by using some good quality video editing software. Simply, editing videos mean to drag and to drop your raw content in the software and then just editing it with amazing features. Now, you can use two equipments – camera and video editing software with amazing features- to produce a good quality video.

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So, here we will talk about some editing software used by the famous YouTubers. But, before that, it’s important to know a few key things before “buying” the editing software. You must be well aware of the required features of the software. Since every software program has its own features which completely differ from the features of any other software. So, you must have the proper knowledge of which type of software you require. For instance, a person who needs to edit his home videos will have different requirements from a designer who creates videos on a professional level. Another point to be taken care of is “Video Formatting Capabilities” of the software. This is highly important since not all the raw footage works with any software. So, the video formats you are shooting it must be considered.

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Thirdly, ”Sharing Capabilities” must be considered. It implies that the editing software consists of multiple sharing options. So, these were the required features that one must consider while choosing a software program. The good video editing software programs available in the market from the beginners to the professionals are – Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate, Camtasia Studio8, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, AVS Editor, iMovie, Hitfilm Express, YouTube Video Editor, Windows Movie Maker, and many more. Let’s get a brief knowledge about some of the above-mentioned software programs so that you can easily choose the desired one.

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Recommended: For a publishing good videos, you need multiple things, this includes good concept, a good quality camera, a decent video editing softwares, and a good microphone for youtube. If you have budget, it is also worth buying a good speaker or headphone.

Good Video Editing Software Used by Professional Youtubers


Pinnacle Studio is the easiest of all the video editing software programs. It comprises of best value and great feature, such as, multi-camera editing for cameras, 200+ effects, the drag and drop HD video editing feature, transitions, templates, a free training, 3D import, a live screen caption and many more. In addition to all these features, this program can upload videos directly to many social platforms like, YouTube, Facebook, and many such websites.


  • The built-in functionalities reduce the work-load.
  • It has cheap YouTube video editing options.
  • It is easy to use.


  • A large number of functions causes confusion.


Camtasia Studio8 software is the best of all video editing software programs. It is compatible with Mac as well as Windows platforms due to easy to use and attractive interface. It has a feature of directly uploading the professionally edited videos to the social platforms like, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and many such websites. It has many amazing features like – easy-to-use recorder which permits the user to easily record anything even though you are not a video professional, Camtasia’s professional video editor allows the editor to edit videos fast and easily, ready-to-use themes, animated video backgrounds, graphics, callouts, and many more. Your HD videos, photos, music and other data could be easily imported from the camera or other sources.


  • Easily compatible with Mac as well as Windows platforms.
  • It has a free trial available for unsure clients.
  • Dynamic videos can be created and shared easily on any platform and from anywhere.


  • For beginners, it can cause some difficulties.


Sony Vegas Pro is an amazing software program as it has additional modes along with the standard and advanced modes. Due to this reason, this software is one of the most expensive video editing software programs. Because of its compatibility with only iDevices, it is a bit limiting. This software provides free-trial for 30 days.


  • Though this software is expensive, it delivers full value to the user.
  • The greatest and best feature of it is the availability of the four-point editing modes.


  • Compatibility is only with iDevices.
  • If there occurs, any malfunction, the editing process has to be started from the beginning.


1. iMovie(MAC)

iMovie is an easy-to-use and free video editor, especially for MAC users. It can be used as the main video editor by the YouTubers as it has numerous good features. This software costs $14.99 for other users and is free for MAC users ONLY.


This is a basic video editor and free of cost for the Windows user. It is good for the beginners, but by the time passes and you progress, you can upgrade to the other PRO versions that have better versions.


Creating videos is becoming a trend for everyone who seeks to earn money in the field of their interest. So, there is a requirement of video editing software programs. So, with the help of the information above, you can use the best video editor according to your requirement.

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