Cloud VPS – Why it is a viable choice for your business?

If you are eventually ready to get your website up and running, it is perhaps safe to say you are considering of purchasing web hosting. And if you are a beginner then it is a battlefield including a plethora of VPS hosting plans and providers. Moreover, there is a glossary of terms – one of that you will hear a lot these days is Cloud VPS.

Let’s talk about the basics first.

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”.

A VPS primarily make use of Virtualization technology to fragment the physical server hardware into many “virtual” servers hosted on the same physical infrastructure.

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One of the significant benefits of using the VPS hosting is it significantly improves the level of flexibility regarding the software configuration options. It allows the system administrators to leverage the scalability concerning RAM, processing power, and disk space as well as at lower cost than using conventional dedicated physical hardware.

VPS Configuration – Common Categories Briefed

We all know that primary we have Reseller and Shared Hosting that deliver standardized and low-cost choices. Then there are Dedicated Servers that offers better flexibility and power.

  1. Single Server VPS

The benefit of this strategy is its low cost to the hosting firm since just one server is needed to start offering VPS, and only one authorization is necessary.  These savings could be passed to the customer, so the customer has a minimal cost in VPS choice.

The drawback of the strategy is all is hosted on a single server, so there’s the requirement to make redundancy into the server including dual CPU’s, hot-swap hard drives and dual power supplies configured in a RAID array.  It will push up the price of the service.

  1. Multi-Server (Cloud) VPS

A Cloud VPS (Multi-Server) configuration prevents the sole point of failure problems of one host VPS by sharing together the reserves of many servers. The data storage and processing capacity of each one of the servers from the Cloud Setup provides a resilient and scalable infrastructure.

This type of VPS Setup is much more complicated to install compared to single server VPS choice, but it renders the hosting business and their customers a few substantial benefits:

– It takes minutes to set up a VPS

– There are no downtime upgrades

– Live migrations

– Data is saved on many separate servers – It means high availability of data

– SSD and SAS – different types of disk can be offered

– It also provides high uptime


When picking a VPS, it’s imperative you have a backup plan in place.  Backups aren’t solely for safety concerning recovering data in case of server hardware. Backups are also vital if the information is inadvertently deleted.

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If your site is progressing and starting to draw some favorable focus, then you are going to need its functionality to keep pace.  So, it is time to raise your website’s resources by upgrading. Even though cloud VPS hosting is pricier than a shared strategy, the benefits of an iozoom cloud VPS offer you a fabulous deal for your dollar — without also having to spring to its much-pricier dedicated hosting plans.

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