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A Complete Guide to Login | Disney+ Activation with 8 Digit Code

The people of today’s generation prefer watching the on-demand and ad-free streaming of their favorite television shows, movies, etc. is one such platform that allows its subscriber to watch various shows like popular movies, classic collections, new releases, videos, original series, documentaries, other shows, etc. on the go. is gaining a lot of importance these days due to its collaborations with different brands like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, etc. has a wide collection of videos that keep its viewers engrossed for a longer time.

Compatible devices for Disney plus services:

The login/begin is a popular streaming platform like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and similar ones. On subscription, the viewer can enjoy streaming unlimited videos for entertainment. This Disneyplus service is compatible with several devices like:

  • Apple devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook, Apple TV, and iPad having iOS 12.0 or higher.
  • Apple television of 4th generation or above,
  • Android devices like tablets or mobiles having versions above Android 5.0
  • Android television: Different TVs like sharp AQUOS, Sony Bravia, NVIDIA Shield TV, Mi Box, etc.
  • Google Chromecast,
  • Blu-ray, DVD media player,
  • Amazon fire tablet, Firestick, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Kindle tablet, etc.
  • Smart TV like LG, Samsung, etc.
  • Xbox One, Xbox series, etc.
  • Roku TV like Element, Sharp, JVC, Sanyo, Philips, etc.

Steps for signing up for Disney plus:

The steps involved in signing up for the Disney plus services on the different devices include:

  • Connecting to a suitable device that is compatible with the Disney plus services. One needs to have a stable internet connection for undisturbed viewing.
  • Opening the web browser and typing out the web address com login/begin.
  • Search for the Sign-up option tab on the web page for the beginning of the use.
  • Click on the ‘sign-up’ tab to proceed to the next step.
  • A form appears on the next page where the viewer needs to fill in the details like name, email address, etc. Clicking on the ‘next’ tab for proceeding ahead
  • Setting up the password. It is important to set up the login for ease of logging through different devices and privacy.
  • Select a subscription plan from the available list for the subscription-based on the requirement or needs.
  • Filling in the payment information, card details for processing the payment Clicking on the ‘Finish’ tab for completing the payment process.
  • These steps allow in successfully subscribing to the Disney Plus services.
  • One can enjoy viewing the unlimited content by clicking on the ‘start watching’ tab on the web address com login/begin.

Tips To Activate Disney plus App On Different Gadgets:

The Disney Plus service can be viewed and enjoyed on a variety of devices. The viewer can activate this Disney plus service on different devices by following the steps.

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The step-wise guide for activating the Disney Plus on various devices includes as follows:


Activating Disney plus subscription on the television allows the viewer to enjoy the movies and series on a bigger screen. The steps include:

  • Connecting the subscribed device and the television to a stable internet connection.
  • Opening the play store or App store on the television.
  • Searching for the Disney plus application in the search tab.
  • Downloading the Disney Plus application on the television and installing it.
  • On opening the installed application, it pops a question ‘Are you already a member of Disney Plus?’ Select ‘yes’ if you already have the subscription or else click ‘No’.
  • For new members fill in the details like name, email, password, etc.
  • The system will generate and share the eight-digit activation code.
  • Open the link com login/begin and type the activation code. This completes the process of activation of the Disney Plus subscription on the television.

Amazon Firestick

Here are the steps to follow for activating Disneyplus in Amazon Firestick:

  • Open the firestick,
  • Go to the ‘App’ section on the right-hand side of the home screen,
  • Search for the Disney Plus app and download it to the device,
  • Open the app and login into the Disney Plus account using the credentials,
  • An unique code will be displayed on your screen, note it down
  • Visit the web address com login/begin and provide the unique code and proceed by clicking on ‘Continue’.

Subscription account on Roku TV:

For those who look to active disneyplus on Roku TV can follow these steps

  • At first, Download the official app of Disney Plus from the market on your device,
  • Log into the Disney plus account from the Roku TV,
  • Logging in pops the activation code on the screen,
  • Visit the web address com login/beginand provide the activation code,
  • Click on the ‘Activate’ tab, after processing it flashes a message saying activation complete.


Here are the simple steps to follow for installing Disneyplus on PS4:

  • Download Disney Plus application from App Store on the PS4,
  • Install the application on the gaming console and log in to the account using the credentials
  • PS4 is ready for browsing and streaming movies and series.

Frequently asked questions while using

Many questions arise in the minds of the user while using the Disney plus services. Some of these questions include:

Q: Can one log on to Disney plus using two devices?

A: One can install the Disney plus application on multiple devices that support the app. streaming on Disney Plus is allowed only on four devices simultaneously.

Q: Why does the Disney Plus application does not run on television?

A: Check for the device to be compatible with Disney Plus. If it is compatible and still not working properly means try uninstalling and re-install again on a different compatible device.

Q: How to renew the Disney plus subscription? 

A: For renewing the subscription, one needs to visit the web address login/begin, go to the account section and click on the ‘manage subscription’ tab, follow the process and renew the subscription.

Q: Where do we have to enter the Disney plus code?

A: You need to enter the Disney Plus code at the website login/begin, where they will ask to provide the code.

Q: How do we log into Disney Plus on the television set?

A: For accessing the Disney Plus service on the television set, you need to first activate the service on the compatible device. This is done by entering the 8 digit code in the required field.

Summing it up

Disney plus is one of the subsets of Hotstar, those who love to be entertained via smartphone or any other electronic gadgets can make use of this application. With this article, you can easily sort out the complication involved in Disney plus com login begin. Also, with the guidance provided in this article, you can watch all the entertaining kinds of stuff like web series, movies, news, sports, live concerts, comedy shows, serials, and so, telecasted in Disney+ through the Hotstar video streaming application.


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