What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

Internet users in recent years have searched for dinosaurs with their own qualities and special characteristics such as 500 teeth. What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Nigersaurus is one of the most popular dinosaur species and is famous for its 500 teeth.  

Dinosaurs in this category were 30 feet tall. They consumed fibrous plants and lived around 110 million years in the Niger’s Sahara Desert. You can concentrate on the following details and get some interesting facts about dinosaurs. 

Different types of dinosaurs 

Dinosaurs in ancient times were differentiated based on various things. Researches classified such species based on taxonomic, morphological, and ecology. Here we have enlisted a few of the most dangerous and most exciting dinosaurs species, take a look.

1. Tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus is also known as T-Rex had 60 great teeth and such teeth were really ample and dull compared to other dinosaurs. These dinosaurs have lacked the dagger-like feature in their teeth.  

The entire function and shape of the teeth of such dinosaurs were varied. The front teeth in such animals were used to hold and tug the food without complexity and discomfort. This is because such teeth were tight. These dinosaurs had the maximum number of widely spaced teeth. 

2. Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus had a thin snout and almost 64 teeth and such teeth were tapering and in a straight line, with a couple of serrated carinae. They eat fish with the help of their teeth. 

Though the teeth of these dinosaurs were not in order, they comfortably consumed their food. They had approximately 14 teeth curved in the front to some extent. On the other hand, the second and the third were reasonably larger than the others. 

3. Triceratops

The teeth of Triceratops were usual fossils. They had a maximum of 40 columns in every division of their jaw and such columns had a maximum of 5 stacked teeth. Every tooth of such dinosaurs was used to thrust the other from above. 

These teeth were easy to drop and put back. These teeth became simply worn from the vertical shearing way they used while eating the plants. 

4. Nigersaurus

Nigersaurus was the dinosaur with 500 teeth. What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Nigersaurus is the answer to this question. This dinosaur had 110 million-year-old life with 500 teeth and existed with the greedy dinosaurs such as minus in addition to plant-eating creatures like Lurdusaurus and Ouranosaurus. 

Nigersaurus had a subtle skull when compared to others. The mouth of Nigersaurus was very large with an uncountable number of teeth. These teeth were lined one after another. The delicate head of Nigersaurus included a wide mouth.

About the Greek name Nigersaurus and its meaning 

The Greek name Nigersaurus means Niger’s Lizard or reptile. Nigersaurus was one of the oldest dinosaurs. It was named by J.A Wilson, G.P Wilson, Varricchio, Beck, Sereno, Lyon, Larsson, Sadleir, Moussa, and Sidor in 1999. The main habitats of this dinosaur were the Elrhaz Formation, Niger, and Africa. This dinosaur was lived about 110 million years ago with 5 tons of weight and 30 feet long. 


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The answer to what dinosaur has 500 teeth? Is a plot to try and get individuals to say the N-word. Nigersaurus was an herbivorous sauropod that lived alongside the supercroc, suchomimus, lurdusaurus, and ouranosaurus during the middle cretaceous period. 

Many users of the Internet are obsessed with this 30-feet long prehistoric dinosaur as they hope that those who seek the dinosaur will mispronounce the name Nigersaurus and by accident say the N-word. Tons of users of the Internet have the same sense of humor as a bunch of racist 7th-graders scream into their Xbox Live headsets subsequent to getting no-scope headshotted in Halo. 

The most common question in social networking platforms online   

The question what dinosaur has 500 teeth? It gained popularity in a 2019 Reddit thread at first. However, some other threads have turned the act of Internet users to seek the dinosaur online into a meme. Residents of many countries called it the most politically mistaken dinosaur ever and Africanamericanasaurus is a mouthful. 

In the majority of threads associated with the Nigersaurus, many people tried to correct pronunciations of the dinosaur “nye-juhr”. On the other hand, they did not stop commenters from the creation of racist remarks.  

As a user of the Internet, you can enter the words “What dinosaur…” into the search box Google. The top recommended results include “500 teeth” or “most teeth” memes. 

This issue was pointed out in so many comments sections of another Nigersaurus post. 

The most notable thing about this search term was that “This is literally the highest suggested auto-completion for “what dinosaur”. Well done Reddit, we made it,” user meanie_linguine wrote.

The joke-turn meme is shared across social networking websites in particular Reddit. Young jokers on the website aim to shock unsuspecting Internet users by recommending a name that is similar to the N-word.

A Reddit user who deleted an account in this platform posted in /r/teenagers: “Whatever you do, don’t google dinosaurs with 500 teeth”. 

Many memes were formed thereafter with heading like “don’t google 500 teeth dinosaur, Worse mistake of my life”.    

Some people actually used the name as a code for the racial insult itself like the comment “OK dinosaur with 500 teeth”. 

The best efforts to research Nigersaurus

Dinosaurs had roamed the earth several millions of years ago. On the other hand, the footprints of dinosaurs continue to make an impact in the kingdom of science. A qualified excavation team discovered the actual skull of the Nigersaurus and such a thing is being rebuilt with the help of modern digital CT scans. 

The authority behind such dinosaur project will place the digitally made skill out on display to let every visitor to the museum explore the impressive facts about this dinosaur. 

Apart from that, Paul Callistus Sereno who works as a professor in the paleontology department at the University of Chicago has done the research work on this Nigersaurus and posted on his site as “Nigersaurus lived in a lush environment alongside the predatory dinosaur suchomimus, the plant-eaters ouranosaurus and lurdusaurus, and supercroc”.

He also added as “This bizarre, long-necked dinosaur is characterized by its unusually broad, straight-edged muzzle tipped with more than 500 replaceable teeth.

His discovery was entered into the journal on the 9th of September 2000. 

Summing it up

Nigersaurus used to have up to thirteen cervical species. The necks of these dinosaurs were very small that were only 10 meters long. This was the main reason why their necks were small and they browsed the ground for their food.

Well-experienced and dedicated scientists excavated the teeth of Nigersaurus to find the answer to how many teeth this dinosaur had. They ensured that teeth are a viral fining through which everyone can understand various things about this dinosaur.