Basics of Facebook that will take your profile to another level.

Facebook is world’s largest Social Network, there’s no denying that. In fact, according to their quarterly report, in 2015, they currently have 1591 MILLION active users! Trust me, that’s more than the population of some countries in some cases!

Well, no doubt Mark Zuckerburg, the founder is a multi-billionaire. In fact, right now Facebook itself has become an occupation. With the right use of Facebook, a lot of Social Media Marketing is done, not just that, Website Traffic, client management or even some serious level shit including “falling in love and getting married” has been done over Facebook.

Well, the irony is, despite having billions of users, a lot of them are still confused about “How to sign up for Facebook”, or “What’s the Facebook pre-determined cover size?”.

Well that’s the reason I’m taking to writing this piece today, to clear the clouds of confusion dwelling over your mind, and give you one hell of a Facebook experience, the way Facebook was actually designed to be used.

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So, let’s start with the basics:-

How to Signup For a Facebook Account:-

Well, Facebook doesn’t probably have world’s easiest, fastest and simplest signup forms I must admit that.But given the level of Fake and spam accounts they encounter everyday, I must say it’s a necessary evil.

Head over to and you’d be presented with a SignUp Form that looks something like the below screenshot:-
Over there, just fill in the information as requested. Let’s break it down for you:-

  • The First box is where you fill in your Name.
  • The Second box, on the same line, is where your Title goes.
  • The third box is asking you for an Email Id or a Cell number. I’d say go with a cell number, that’s relatively easier.
  • In the fourth box, just enter the same info as you entered in the third box. (Don’t copy-paste, instead enter it manually, they’ve done this a two-time procedure for a reason.
  • The fifth box is just your password. Enter something that you can remember easily. ( Note:- Try not to make it too simple, don’t just enter your name or your Date of birth. Instead, try to mix certain elements. For eg. have some alphabets in it, have some Capitalized letters, and have some numbers too. )
  • The sixth drop-down section is where you choose your date of birth. 
  • Then you just select your gender and click on Create An Account.

So that was about creating an account. Not as hard as you’d think it to be, right?

How to Change Password of Facebook account:-

No matter how insignificant your profile is to you, security comes first. So let’s work around setting up a strong Facebook password for you.

Click on the little arrow that comes up on your profile’s top right corner, and navigate to settings.

In there, you’ll find a lot of options, if you’re reading this post, them most of them aren’t for you yet. The settings tab normally automatically redirects to the General options, but if it doesn’t just click on the general button.

Now, you need to click on the Edit option on the passwords field.

Now, fill in the following in the boxes:-

  1. Your current password, the one you’re using right now.
  2. The new password you want for your account.
  3. Re-type the new password you want for your account !

Click on Save changes !  Done !

As we are in the Settings Tab already, I guess it’s a good option for me to clear up some more doubt of yours if you’ve got.

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Blocking / Unblocking Friends on Facebook

There might be couple mistakes you did while adding people, not every user on Facebook deserves to be in your list, right ? Or at times, probably they are just annoying. And you don’t want to get bothered, well yeah I understand cause I’ve personally had couple of those instances.

Blocking people on Facebook isn’t permanent, so the one good thing about it is, once they get back to their senses, or you think they deserve to be in your list, again, you can just pretty easily unblock them.

There are two ways to block someone on Facebook.

It’s not that hard, and I’m mentioning this part here specially as you already are in your settings tab. So first we can work around this method, and once you’ve understood this, we can go on to the other one.

I won’t repeat the same boring story all over again, instead just Head over to your Settings tab, just like you did in the above section.

Now, just instead of clicking the edit button on the password field, you need to click the Blocking button on the Sidebar.

Now, you can just enter the name of the person you want to Block, and click on Block on this next screen.

Done. That guy ( Or girl ) won’t see the daylight of your profile ever again, unless you unblock them manually. And here’s how to do it.

It’s pretty simple too, just navigate to the blocking tab like you did earlier, and you’ll get a list of people you’ve blocked (Gosh ! Mine’s pretty long ! ). Just clicking on the “unblock” button near their name would solve the problem .

Another question that frequently pops up on forums is, the one related to profile pictures.

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How to Upload / Change Facebook Profile Pictures:-

A fairly logical question no doubt, your profile picture is your identity, so ofcourse it’s a good choice to have a unique one.

So in order to change it up, Login using your ID and Password, and then head over to your “profile” section. You can either use “Http:// , or click on the button as shown in the below screenshot:-

Now that would take you to your profile.

Out there, hover over ( take your mouse over) your “Profile picture placeholder”, and automatically “Update profile picture” option will come up.

Just click on it, and another popup will come up, select “Upload Photo” from it.

This will open another box, where you can select the image you want to upload. Just click on the desired image and click open ! Done ! Your new profile picture should be waiting to greet you !

How to create a Facebook Page

A Facebook fan page is just as important as your profile.

It helps you establish a brand, reach a very targeted audience, and then it’s up to you how you want to use the audience. It’s like creating an E-mail list, just without the Email.

So out here in this section I’m covering how you can create your Facebook page is less then 5 minutes !

Click that little arrow near your name, on the top right corner just like we did earlier, and click on Create Page.

On the next page, select the category for your page.

Now, just choose a Category, and Select a name ! And click on Get Started.

On the next page, just fill in the page details. Like the description, the username etc.

On the next screen, just click on upload from computer button and upload an image.

And then click on Save info finally.

Well that’s all, your page is ready by now.

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These were the most basic steps anyone might desire to use on Facebook. Although Facebook already has a very simple and great user-interface, still there might be times when it’s not so simple for you.

In those cases, you can just checkout the Facebook FAQ’s. They consist a lot of great answers.

If you’re still confused about something, just leave a comment here I’d love to sort it out for you.

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