9 Website Builder Templates You Must Check

Website builder templates have got a high rank in this digital world. In fact, the performance of a business is depended on its website. No doubt, a good website ensures a good output.

Why are website builder templates imperative? The 400;”>website is used by businesses to make its web presence and permits them to get in touch with millions of clients all over the world. Having no website will make them inaccessible to the global population.   

So to overcome this sort of barrier, we are here to reveal the names of 9 website builder templates which have developed in such a criteria that you will use them themselves without hiring any developer.

List of Best 9 Website Builder Templates


ezweb123 is again an award-winner website builder offers a huge array of templates used to build a website, especially for small businessmen.

This free website maker provides you intuitive design tools where you expect to add selected pages, some info, site logo and domain name. Then within sometimes we get a website you are always dreamed

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Website Builder

It ensures a quick opportunity to access many CMS builder templates at once. Here you don’t need to learn about HTML/CSS skills while creating a website as it has a drag and drops editor.

No doubt, a Website Builder allows you a free website making techniques. But at the same time, if you wish to make a large website or expand your business, then it is suggested to go for its monthly plan just at $10.99 per month.


It is drag and drops CMS website builder template easily used by those having no knowledge of programming and coding. Having a rich functionality, you can uninterruptedly do any update.

Why is it preferable? Because it has a responsive design, rapid installation process, fast loading time, template switching possibility and the staggering number of widgets. You can pick or suggest it, anyone.


SquareSpace is a superb website builder template because of having an effective drag and drop editor. I prefer it the most as it is free and coding free to use. Even a layman can able to make a website after getting a little knowledge.

Besides me, it is a favorite one for many bloggers, wedding planners, event managers, doctors, musicians, artists, photographers, etc. as it permits a fast technique to establish a website. Moreover, you can enjoy all its facilities just at $18/month including the free domain name.


GoDaddy is perfect for e-commerce businesses used to fuel the growth of many online stores as it comprises the unique collection of beautiful templates. No technical skills are required to professionally design a website as it is fit for all businesses.

I always prefer to follow it as here you just choose a design, add your product, and you have done.

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PageCloud is an e-commerce platform mainly made for you. After choosing this cloud-based design tool, you will start entering into a web presence.

Feeling happy to add it to website builder templates list as it has several easy-to-use templates which never allow you to learn some technical languages even while making a large site.

IM Creator

By using this web-based tool, you will get a complete website designing freedom. No doubt, a free website builder template includes a second level domain and 50 MB of storage.

Very positively, one can say that IM Creator, a complete makeover especially for small ventures as having a drag and drop system that offers a wide selection of professional-developed web templates.


LightCMS permits to build a website with content management system that is coding free to use. It takes the way you want.

Further, you can add blogs, gallery, forms, calendars and much more as per your wish to make the audience more impressive.


ExpressionEngine CMS website builder is never let you think whether it’s possible to implement a design because the solution is always positive.

By using its beautiful templates, you will able to achieve more and more.

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All above-mentioned website builder templates are highly-responsive, convenient and coding free to use. You can confidently pick up any template at any time.

If you like any or more website builder template, then feel free to share with others.