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Gmail -Its More Than Just an email

Technology has evolved over time and is advancing day by day making our lives easier and more comfortable. Gone were the days of sending letters to your loved ones or for office work, technology made it possible to send emails through the internet which came to be known as emails. Many sites were providing emailing services, but some emerge to be the most reliable and the best in the class and Gmail is one the leading service provider site on that list.

Google launched Gmail on April 1, 2004, and since then it’s growing rapidly developing and advancing providing various features which set it apart from other fellow sites which are made for the same purpose. Now you wanted to know how to sign up to Gmail, so, here is a short guide on how to sign up to Gmail.

How to sign up to Gmail:-

  1. In your browser search for Gmail sign up and open the Gmail’s website and you will get a page which would be looking something like this.
  2. Now in all the columns fill the details that are asked and click on next step.
  3. Then you will get this welcome page popped up which means that you have created your Gmail account successfully and now click on the Get started
  4. Now your Gmail account is open and ready to use and in the first public of the account, it will give a short tour of it.
    So, now you have made your account then what to do with it?
    You don’t have only one option to just send emails but your Gmail account is your access to almost all the possibilities of the internet. You can use your account on YouTube to watch videos and create your and channel; you can make your account on the hangout to chat and do video calling with your friends and much more like Goggle+ and Goggle Drive where you can backup your images and videos.

Gmail provides very fast service when it is about mailing, and it provides you the vast amount of storage to store your emails when talking about numbers, Gmail account provides 25 GB of cloud storage. You also get features like emails which aren’t read by your are shown in different textures so you don’t get confused in which ones are read and which ones are not and you can also star ones who are most important.

These days scams and cheatings are growing so high, so Gmail has a trash section where Gmail automatically put spammy emails in trash folder or spam folder. And as humans, we make mistakes which Gmail knows so it has a Trash folder so whenever we delete any mail it is sent to the trash folder so if you want it back then you can get it from trash folder and if not then you can permanently delete it from there.

Hope this article has helped you in understanding what Gmail really is and how can you get access to it.


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