5 Best Canadian Airlines to Travel

Who the hell don’t love travelling? Especially when it comes to Canada. Canada is a hub of tourism. There are many places to visit in Canada like Banff National Park, Niagara Falls, CN Tower and more. Canada is not only popular for its tourist places but it also for its travelling facilities. It holds the records of the best airlines in the world.

So in this post, we will discuss the Canadian Airlines as you know airlines transportation make our day to day life so comfortable. People always prefer travel with airplanes for the safe and secure journey. Airlines save our time and money as well.

So, if you are from Canada or planning to travel to Canada. You should have the knowledge of best Canadian airline for your safe and best journey. Canada has both large as well short distance carriers.  You can get some Canadian airlines to visit Canada according to your requirements.

Just have a look on the five best Canadian Airlines whom with you should travel at least once in your journey.

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List of Best Canadian Airlines

Air Canada

If you want to book a flight to or from Canada, I will suggest you book your flight with Air Canada. Air Canada is the largest Canadian airline which offers the largest scheduled passenger services. In 2014, Air Canada got together with its regional air transportation par Air Canada Express, carried more than 38 Million passengers and offering direct passenger services to more than 200 destinations around the world. It was firstly inaugurated on September 1st, 1937 with its name Trans-Canada.  And later in 1964, it becomes Canada’s National Airline, and it changes its name to Air Canada.

Need to know more, Just checked its official website

West Jet

West jet is another largest airline of Canada which falls under the best Canadian Airlines. West Jet is popular for its low-fare airline and in just 15 years it becomes most major Canadian airline. It was founded by Clive Beddoe and some of his great willing partners in 1996, and they believed that just because you are paying less, it doesn’t mean you should get less. It is the main reason behind the success of West Jet. They believe in providing high-quality services at fewer prices. West Jet specializes in travel from Canada to destinations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. According to USAToday, West Jet reaches 30 destinations across the Canada and 32 destinations in the US.

Interested to book your flight, go to their official Website.

Jazz Air

Jazz Air is another top Canadian Air carrier in the term of overall flights and Canadian destinations it serving. It Includes destinations in all 10 Canadian Providences and two territories, as well as nearly two dozen destinations in the United States. While Jazz Air is run as its company, it does have a partnership with Air Canada to label some of its flights as “Air Canada Express” to many smaller communities in Canada and the United States. Jazz Air is one of the largest regional Canadian airlines which serving over 70 destinations in Canada and the US and connects their customer to the worldwide network of Air Canada and Star Alliance under the label Air Canada Express.

The most important thing is that it offers private charter planes to their clients in Northern America who wants to enjoy travelling according to their schedules.

Check out the details on Jazz Air Official website

Sunwing Airlines Inc

Sunwing Airlines also falls into the category of the best Canadian airlines. It is well known for its low fare cost. It doesn’t mean if they are charging a flat fare, and they are providing cheap and low-quality services. Sunwing Airline is headquartered in the Etobicoke district of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sunwing Airlines offers scheduled and charter services from Canada and the United States to destinations in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America, and domestic services across Canada during the summer months.

It was started in March 2005 as the in-house airline of Sunwing Vacations. It was using Boeing 737-800s  to operate non-domestic flights.  Need more information, feel free to visit SunWings Airline’s official website.

Wrapping Up…

Hope you have enjoyed the list of Canadian airlines. So if you are planning to visit Canada on this valentine day don’t forget to check the best romantic places to celebrate your valentine day in Canada. and biggest airport in Canada.

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