Instructions on how to download the application for iPhone

Novice users of Apple products often ask questions like how to download an application to an iPhone (iOS Speedometer App). The reason is that in iOS there is no way to activate a separate item and download programs from third-party sources. Applications are available for download exclusively from the App Store, from where they are distributed in a paid or free form.

The process is additionally complicated by the fact that downloading and installing programs requires a high-quality Internet connection. Saving small files is fast enough, but you can download games to your iphone only if you have good Wi-Fi.

Useful information about iPhone and iPad apps from the App Store.

When starting to use an iPhone, it is important to know a few basic nuances about how to install applications from a branded store.

You can download applications for an iPhone only as an archive. After entering the permanent storage, the archive must be unpacked and the installation process started. You can download applications and games on a paid and free basis. At the same time, “free” software is often offered in a stripped-down version or with significant restrictions. The archives can be downloaded to a PC via itunes and from there installed on an iPhone. There is no need to jailbreak the device to install files of any type.

Methods for downloading applications on the iPhone.

Also, for beginners using iPhones for the first time, it may seem strange that there are several ways to install a game or applications on the iphone, which are not available in other types of operating systems.

Usually, experienced clients of the company use direct downloading of files from the store or through iTunes. When choosing the second type, the archive is initially located on the hard drives of the computer, and then moved to the iPhone. Below are the main ways how to download applications on iPhone, relevant for versions.

Download via AppStore.

The standard installation of applications on the iPhone is done through the manufacturer’s store. To do this, there is no need to connect a smartphone to a computer or install additional programs on it. Usually, this only requires a stable connection to the wireless Internet.

The sequence of actions is as follows.

Exit to the iPhone desktop. Click on the Appstore tab. On the page that opens, find the required application or game. Go to the page with a description of the program, pictures and instructions. Next, you should press the button with the price tag or Free for paid and free content, respectively. Then buy or install.

After that, in paid versions, you will need to confirm the purchase and wait for the archive to download. The downloaded file will need to be unpacked and installed manually, after which the game can be used.

Download via iTunes.

The next way to quickly download an application or program to an iPhone is the iTunes service. A similar method is used by users with a computer, laptop or weak mobile Internet. The principle of operation is based on downloading data to a PC and then transferring it to an iPhone.

Download itunes to your computer. Install and start the service. In the pop-up window, click on the program tab. Here select the AppStore icon. Next, a search box will open, where you need to enter the name of the required application and click enter. After selecting the application, tap on the “download” icon. Next, you will need to enter a password from your personal ID and confirm the purchase. If the program is free, just confirm the download. Go to the media library tab, where the finished archive will be. The next step is to connect the iPhone via a standard cable. An icon with a phone image is selected in the itunes window. Then start synchronization and wait for it to finish.

After completing the procedure, the program or game will appear on the iPhone desktop.

Download applications via QR code.

Likewise, you can even download to iPhone 4, which some users don’t know. To perform the procedure on outdated devices, you need to download a special scanner. For models with iOS 11, this is not necessary – the camera will automatically switch to the required mode.

The standard sequence of actions is as follows.

Open a camera application or similar. Aim the lens at the QR field. In this case, the camera will automatically switch to the required mode. A field will open at the top of the screen where you need to confirm the action. After that, you will need to wait for the download to finish and install the program.

The technique works on all QR fields and iPhone models. The only obstacle may be the lack of necessary software or damage to the camera module.

Downloading an already purchased or previously installed application.

Installing applications on the iphone is possible after downloading and uninstalling it. The full download history remains in the official store, and if the program was originally purchased for another device, it can be downloaded to the new phone.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

open the AppStore; click on the account icon; select a purchase line; then go to the menu on this device; to download, click on the icon and wait for the installation.

Installation on iPhones with jailbreak.

The procedure, called a jailbreak, gives the user the right to completely control the device and make changes to the software at his own discretion. The principle of action is based on changing the iPhone firmware, which minimizes the manufacturer’s control.

After completing the procedure, the owner has the opportunity to independently choose the sources from where to download the data and install it. The downside is the increased risk of introducing malware or viruses.

Download via ifunbox.

When asked how to download a program to an iPhone, you can turn to third-party file services. The use of the resource is possible only if there is a previously downloaded file from the official store in * iPa format.

The sequence of actions is as follows.

Download and run the program on a PC. Jailbreak your smartphone. Connect the iPhone to the device and wait for it to be detected. In the window of the program, select “programs” and then install the application. Next, a list will open where you will need to select the required software. After downloading, the game can be used for its intended purpose.

Installing a country-unavailable application.

The most popular solution to the issue lies in changing the registration of the account to a certain country. Typically, users log out of their AppStore ID and create a new US or Europe linked account. To do this, you will need to follow the same procedure performed during registration when buying an iPhone and just follow the factory instructions.

Installing beta versions of an unavailable application.

To install and use applications not yet available in the general store, iPhone users can use the beta testing program. This includes voluntarily downloading and using the software. To do this, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website and fill out a special form. After accepting the agreement and disclaiming liability, the user in the iPhone will have access to the testing section, from where you can freely download and use the game or program.