This alternative Dark Backstory Explains, How Peppa Pig Died?

The time has finally come to discuss this very dark backstory of the Peppa pig cartoon that everyone is talking about.

So, if you have younger siblings at home you might know who or what the “Peppa Pig” cartoon is. But if you don’t know, let me just cut it short and tell you a bit about it.

Basically, Peppa Pig is a very well-known cartoon TV show in the UK with episodes of length 5 minutes. And this show has gained a massive young audience in its 20 years of airing.

This gained doesn’t have just UK’s kids’ attention but of every namely country’s kids’ interest. The show is practically about a Pig family dealing with their daily routines and all the problem-solving.

The family has Peppa Pig as the main character and his little brother named George and their parents as in mommy and daddy pig.

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Apart from these characters, daily episodes show other characters such as PEPPA’S grandmother and her friends, Suzy sheep, MR.ZEBRA, etc.

What Was The Origin Of The Backstory Of  Peppa Pig & How Peppa Pig Died?

Before we dive into this topic, let me remind you it would not be appropriate to make this news to kids as it might be a little too much shocking for them, and just so you know, the Peppa Pig shown on television has not died.

So the start of this Death Story of Peppa Pig started when a Wattpad user named “animegeek00” started a sequel named “time to ruin your childhood” this sequel contains very dark and grim stories about many characters you might have loved in the past or you still love.

This user shared the death of Peppa pig story on Wattpad saying

Peppa was a human first but then something happened and all the Peppa’s family members, she, and her friends got reincarnated into Pigs and other animals.

And then living like a pig, Peppa was never really a healthy child. She used to be ill most of the time and this was getting harder every day as named fairies a lot.

Now when his sister was gone George kept asking about Peppa almost all the time to mummy and daddy pig, so out of guilt daddy pig stabbed George and mummy pig too after some months and after killing them daddy pig also attempted suicide.”

What Else Was Mentioned In The Wattpad Fiction That Shocked The Readers & Fans of Peppa Pig?

There was a paragraph in the story that stated how the grandmother of Peppa had a disorder called schizophrenia. And that all that has been happening in Peppa pig show is all Peppa’s grandmother’s imaginary another world.

This is insane? Isn’t it? And many of you, including me, doubt this story but it is said that the user who wrote this fiction about Peppa’s death had been to the story writer of Peppa Pig show, and they gave him a file with all secrets about the storyline of Peppa pig show.

And they told him to burn the file after reading the whole stuff in it. There were also two points mentioned in the Wattpad story that stunned readers.

One of them was about Suzy sheep.

  • It is said in the story that Suzy sheep shown in the nurse performance in the show died because a truck hit her. After this accident, she was reincarnated into this world as a nurse because her dream was to become a nurse.
  • The second point mentioned was Mr. Zebra shown in the show was the one who was driving the truck that hit Suzy sheep.
  • That this accident was the reason why Suzy sheep and Mr.zebra are never seen in a scene together.

Some Other Stories About Peppa’s Death

Yes! What you read is right. Other stories have mentioned how people died. Some of them cannot be true and didn’t catch the limelight among the audience but still let us take look at them.

1. Peppa Died Because, A Wolf Ate Her:

This is one of the stories that have been prowling around the internet. It mumbles that one day Peppa went to a forest with her family and there was a very scary and hungry wolf, and that wolf ate poor little Peppa, causing her death.

2. Peppa Died Because She Drowned In a Lake:

This is another fiction stating that once Peppa was swimming, but then because of lack of swimming experience she couldn’t come out from the lake and died because of drowning.

From these two stories, if we see the first one might be a myth because Peppa doesn’t live in an environment having forest.

There is no episode or such a scene showing a forest around Peppa’s house, whereas in the case of a lake, there are streams and lakes shown sometimes in the show, and therefore this one might be true and possible.

Who Other Than Peppa Pig’s Family & Her Friends Is Mentioned In The Wattpad Story?

Other than Peppa’s family and friends there is mention of Danny’s dog, granddad’s dog, and mummy dog. Also, some of you might have guessed, this author has a theory about how they were killed too.

It is written that Danny’s dog and granddad’s dog died because of a tragic accident that occurred while they were boating. And not just them mummy dog also died in the garage that is owned by granddad dog.

Fun Fact:

However it is said that Suzy sheep and Mr. Zebra we’re never seen in the same scene, but one of the old episodes of Peppa pig has shown two of them together. This scene was from an episode named “sleepover”, and this was aired in 2007.

Apart from that, here are some noticeable fun facts about the TV show

  • This whole television show has happened because of the granny pig because she was the last one to die in the family.
  • She lost her mind and she just went to her friend Patrik and told him about the whole devastating story of her life.
  • After the grandmother pig’s death, Patrik went to Nickelodeon production and made this whole television show based on it.

Summing it Up:

Undoubtedly Peppa Pig is one of the most favorite Kid’s TV shows and most loved by the European kids. However, in recent times the famous TV show has been in the limelight of virtual media due to its controversies and dark fan theories.

It is believed that some people want to become popular and gain financial benefits by creating such dark fan theories over the worldwide popular KIDs TV show.