The Rewarding Benefits of Hiring Utility Locating Services

You look forward to completing a major construction project for a client. Your plans are in place, your equipment has been secured, and now, you’re ready to go, right?

Not so fast. Before you start building, it’s paramount that you have located any underground utilities present at your worksite.

The reality is, government agencies can locate public utilities for you, but it is your responsibility to locate any private ones. Fortunately, utility locating services can use high-level technologies to quickly and accurately get the job done. These technologies include ground penetrating radar (GPR).

utility locating services

Here’s a rundown on the rewarding benefits of hiring utility locating services.

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Utility Locating Services Can Uncover Multiple Types of Utilities

A provider of utility locating services, like Locate and Map, can help you to pinpoint a wide range of private utilities.

For instance, the company you hire can help you to locate sewer channels and water pipes in the area. This can keep you from bursting these essential utilities. As a result, you can avoid driving up your operational costs.

Likewise, you can discover where telecommunication gadgets, like cables, underground are located.

Utility locating services can additionally identify electric lines and underground tanks. Likewise, they can help with detecting gas lines, thus helping to prevent fire-causing gas leaks from occurring.

Utility Locating Services Using GPR Are Accurate

Look for a company that uses GPR when seeking utility locating services. With GPR, you’ll receive the most reliable and accurate utility location information every time.

This technology uses radar to display three-dimensional images of water mains and pipes, for example. With it, you can determine the exact depths and locations of various materials. These materials include plastic and metal, for example.

The GPR method offers the benefit of being quick and efficient. It is also non-destructive, as it won’t destroy electrical systems or other surrounding structures.

Utility Locating Services Help to Ensure Safety

In addition to preventing damage to the property you’re working on, utility locating services are designed to help to save lives.

With these services, you can prevent your workers from accidentally being electrocuted. This can easily happen if you strike an underground power line.

Likewise, you can protect your crew against a gas explosion. Gas explosions may occur if you inadvertently hit gas pipes.

All in all, utility locating services can protect both your human resources and your financial resources long term.

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