6 Crucial Workplace Safety Tips You Should

Can you work yourself to death?

The interns at Bank of America (BOA) are allowed to work 100+ hour weeks, as they try to prove their worth. However, the grueling schedule isn’t always in the best interest of the intern’s health. Sadly, Moritz Erhardt, a 21-year-old BOA intern, died after working nearly 3 days straight.

workplace safety tips

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, workplace fatigue is a threat you have to be aware of. By maintaining a healthy work and sleep schedule, team members can protect both their physical and mental wellbeing.

What other workplace safety tips should you know about? Read on to find out!

1.Keeping Floorways Clear of Clutter

First, on our list of workplace safety tips, let’s talk about how you can prevent falls from taking place. One of the best ways to avoid slips or trips is by keeping floors clear of clutter.

For certain industries, employers should also look into providing fall protection systems. Another way to avoid falling is by being aware of your surroundings. Constantly take note of the things that are behind, in front, and besides you.

2.Work Safe Clothes and Footwear

Wearing the right clothes and footwear is another way to avoid workplace injuries. For instance, if the job requires you to be on your feet for hours at a time, you’ll want to wear extra supportive shoes so you can maintain a healthy posture.

3.Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Next, employees should always have the necessary personal protective equipment, or PPE, to get the job done. Employers should post a sign in a common workspace that lists all of the required PPE. Finally, hold employers can hold employees accountable by performing random safety gear checks.

4.The Power of Safety Meetings

Weekly safety meetings are a great opportunity to provide updates on OSHA regulations and OSHA compliance standards. If you work in an accident-prone industry, like construction, daily safety meetings might work best. In addition to discussing OSHA regulations, you can also review emergency plans, such as what to do in the event of a tornado.

5.Ergonomic Work Stations

Finally, our list of daily workplace safety tips wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention ergonomics. Ergonomics means having a workstation that promotes a healthy posture, thus increasing productivity. For instance, you should have an adjustable seat, and it should be adjusted so that both of your feet sit firmly on the floor.

If your feet can’t reach the floor, put something underneath them as a footrest. By not allowing your legs to dangle, you’ll be giving your back the support it needs.

Share Workplace Safety Tips

Now that you know 5 of the best workplace safety tips, it’s time to share them with your team. Whether your an employee or an employer, find 3 people in your company you can share these tips with today.

Lastly, to help maintain a safety-conscious theme in your company, look into setting up weekly safety meetings. When the people around you are practicing being safety conscious with you, the entire workspace can thrive.

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