The Top 10 Online Industries Growing In The 2020s

The pace of change on a global basis in recent years has been quite something and it is key to keep up with this. By taking the time to know more about how the world has changed recently, you will not only become more informed about it but also be more prepared for what the future holds.

One good example of this is the growth we have seen in certain online industries during the first few years of the 2020s. Although there is still a long way to go until we hit 2030, certain online sectors have already enjoyed a stellar rise in the last few years.

But which are the top 10 online industries which have grown in the 2020s?

1 – Online casino gaming industry

There is no doubt that the online casino gaming sector has grown massively in the last few years. The best online casinos in 2022 help to explain this and offer generous bonuses, superb customer service, and secure online security features. More countries are also opening up to online casino gaming in the 2020s, which also explains its growth.

2 – Cryptocurrencies

Just as the top 10 camera apps for your iPhone are worth knowing about, it is also wise to find out more about growing online industries in the 2020s.

When you think that the value of the entire crypto market rose from around $826m in 2020 to an estimated $1.6bn in 2021, it is clear that this is one sector to take note of. With even more growth predicted in the rest of the 2020s, the number of people investing in digital cash should push this industry to new heights.

3 – Online travel industry

Although the end of the 2010s might have been tricky for online travel, it has come roaring back in the last year or two. Many expect this upward trend to continue as more people start to book vacations online again now that they can.

4 – IT

It is no surprise to see IT listed here because it is one digital sector that is central to how we all live and work now. The IT sector is set for a 10% growth spurt as the 2020s wear on, and this illustrates what a vibrant online industry it is right now.

5 – Online healthcare

Although this might not be the first online industry that springs to mind, the move towards a more digital way of meeting public health needs has led to its growth lately. This is expected to continue through the rest of the 2020s, as online health records and online appointments become more common.

6 – E-commerce

Also known as online shopping, this is similar to online casino gaming in that it has actually been popular for a while. Shopping for items we need online is just a lot more convenient and gives us access to a far wider range of goods and special offers. The global e-commerce market size was valued at just over $10.36tn globally in 2020 and rose to $26.7tn in 2021. This shows how e-commerce is booming in the 2020s.

7 – Online learning

Remote learning has certainly flourished in the 2020s and become a thriving sector. Many educational institutions offer online courses now that enable students to study for qualifications at home. The convenience cost savings and easy access to the higher-level knowledge that remote learning delivers means it should grow even more as the decade moves on.

8 – Online grocery shopping

The way in which we order food has certainly changed in the 2020s and buying your groceries online has taken off massively. When you think that this market will rise to be worth $354.28bn in 2022 from just over $285bn in 2021, its growth is clear to see.

9 – Remote working

The first part of the 2020s has brought a real shift in terms of how people work. This is not only in terms of people working remotely now but also in terms of the tools they use to do so. This has enabled companies involved in products and services such as video conferencing tech to grow during the 2020s in turn.

10 – Online video gaming

This form of gaming has taken off even more than ever in the 2020s and continued the upward trajectory it was on. With 2.6 billion online video gamers in 2020 and 2.8 billion in 2021, the growth here lately is evident.

Online industries in the 2020s growing fast

The above online industries are without doubt growing fast in the 2020s. This level of growth is not expected to slow down anytime soon and should continue until 2030.