Top 10 Luxury Restaurants in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries to live in and also among the major tourist attractions, enticing thousands of international tourists every year. There is a large number of luxury restaurants in various Canadian cities, which provide fine dining to food lovers, both locals and tourists.

Following is a list of top 10 luxury restaurants in Canada in 2014, which have been ranked by expert chefs, food industry professionals and travel and food writers, who have judged these on the basis of taste, ambience and servicing:

1.Raymonds, St Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador

Topping the list of best luxury restaurants is Raymonds, a restaurant in the unconventional location of St Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador. Co owned by chef Jeremy Charles and Jeremy Bonia, the restaurant is famous for its East Coast Canadian cuisine. A seven course menu here costs $ 125, while a five course one costs $ 100. A la carte dishes range between $ 40 and $ 45.

2.Bar Isabel, Toronto, Ontario

Featuring next on the list is a popular Toronto restaurant called Bar Isabel, which offers great tasting Spanish cuisine. Chef Grant ven Gameren is the owner of this tastefully decorated place. The price range of dishes here is $ 6-$ 59, while the specialty called the Grilled Octopus is available for $ 59 ($ 34 for half).

3.Maison Publique, Montreal, Quebec

Maison Publique is a leading restaurant in the city of Montreal, which is jointly owned by Derek Damman and Jamie Oliver and serves classic British cuisine. The specialty dish of this place is Steak Delmonico, which is priced at $ 70, while the price of rest of the dishes falls between $ 8 and $ 70.

4.Farmers Aprentice, Vancouver, British Columbia

The next name on the list is that of a Vancouver based luxury restaurant called Farmers Apprentice. The place is co owned by Dara Young and Chef David Gunawan and serves typical Pacific Northwest cuisine. The restaurant changes its menu weekly and its specialty is Curried Carrots, which is available for $ 13.

5.VIJS, Vancouver, British Columbia

This restaurant is an Indian entry on the list, which serves Indian fusion cuisine. The restaurant is owned by Vikram Vij and Meeru Dhalwala. The main course menu ranges between $ 24 and $ 28.50. Lamb Popsicles is the specialty dish, which is available for $ 28.

6.Hawksworth, Vancouver, British Columbia

Hawksworth is another famous luxury restaurant in Canada, which serves French and Pacific Northwest cuisine. It is owned by David Hawksworth and the menu prices vary between $ 29 and $ 40. The specialty meal at the restaurant includes Pacific Sablefish, lap cheong, pickled shiitake, soy braised daikon and crispy yam.

7.Buca, Toronto, Ontario

The next name on the list of top 10 luxury restaurants in Canada is that of Buca, located in Toronto. This Italian restaurant is owned by Rob Gentile and is famous for its pizzas and pastas, which fall in a price range of $ 19 to $ 49.

8.Le Vin Papillon, Montreal, Quebec

Le Vin Papillon is a vegetable focused restaurant, which also serves boutique wines. Owned by David McMillan and Frederic Morin, this place is famous for a dish called Roasted Cauliflower, which comes for $ 13, while the rest of the dishes on the menu fall between $ 6 and $ 20 per plate.

9.Joe Beef, Montreal, Quebec

Another leading luxury restaurant based in Montreal is Joe Beef, which serves steak, seafood and French cuisine. The stylish place is also owned by David McMillan and Frederic Morin and its main course dishes come at a price range of $ 31-$ 50.

10.Ayden Kitchen & Bar, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This contemporary French and Italian restaurant is owned by Dale MacKay. The menu is priced in the range of $ 19 and $ 26 and Classic Ayden Butcher Burger ($ 25) is the signature dish of the restaurant.

Some other famous luxury restaurants in Canada are Mallard Cottage, Bar Buca, Charcut Roast House, Hopgoods Foodliner, Hotel Herman and Deer+Almond.

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