10 Things you can do Only in Canada

Canada is among the hottest destinations on the tourist map of the world and people love to visit this country as it gives them the opportunity to participate in may fun filled activities, which give them a once in a lifetime experience. There are many things, which you can do only in Canada and nowhere else in the world. Here is a list of 10 of them:

1.Touring an Airborne Firefighter

One of the 10 unusual activities available only in Canada is a tour on the flying firefighters, which were once used as war bombers, but are currently employed for putting out forest fires by dropping down thousands of pounds of foam. The free tours are available in the state of British Columbia, on the condition that they are not out on a firefighting mission.

2.Kayaking Tour in Gabriola Island

Another amazing thing you can only do in Canada is a kayaking tour in the Gabriola Island in British Columbia. This tour gives you a chance to witness the bright sky, along with first hand view of seals, otters and bald eagles. The tour is available for $ 45 per person, taking up two persons on a minimum.

3.Fossil Safari in Dinosaur Provincial Park

A visit to the Fossil Safari in Dinosaur Provincial Park, North of Brooks, Alberta can be another wonderful experience you can have in Canada. It is not only among the richest fossil beds in the world, but also a UNESCO world heritage site, where you can witness some unique specimens of dinosaur bones and teeth. The tour costs $ 8 per adult.

4.Visit the Great Divide Waterfall, Edmonton

Edmonton in Alberta houses the Great Divide Waterfall, which stands at the height of 210 feet and is the largest man made waterfall, even surpassing Niagara Falls. The waterfall is activated in the weekends of spring and summer and attracts a large number of tourists at that time.

5.Midnight Golfing at Yellowknife Golf Club

Another amazing thing you can do only in Canada is play golf under the midnight sun at the Yellowknife Golf Club Midnight Classic in the Far North. And the best thing about this place is that you can play for as long as you want, by paying a non member fee of $ 125.

6.Visit to Grasslands National Park


A visit to the Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan is another unique experience you can have in this beautiful country. Not only you can view the unending mixed prairie land here, but also come across some rare wild species such as bison, burrowing owl and pronghorn antelope. The Grassland is also home to the only black tailed prairie dog colony in Canada.

7.Great Northern Arts Festival

Attending the Great Northern Arts Festival is another thing you can do only in Canada. The 10 day festival has extraordinary performances from more than 120 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists, with some wonderful dance, songs and storytelling to entertain you all the way.

8.Visit to the most Easterly Point of North America

You can get to visit the most easterly point of North America by going to a place called Cape Spear, which also has the oldest lighthouse in the state of Newfoundland. At this place, you can get an insight into the lives of the family of the lighthouse keeper as well his family during the 1800s.

9.Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede

You can have your adrenalin rushing by witnessing the Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede, which has activities such as rodeo events, monster truck rides and chuckwagon races. You can attend this exciting event by paying an amount of $ 25.

10.Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserves

An amazing experience you can have in Canada is a walk in the clouds, which is a suspended walkway through a pine forest canopy in the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve in Ontario. It gives a splendid view in addition to a chance glimpse of wild animals like foxes and wolves. The tour costs $ 95 for four hours.

These are just a few of the things which you can only do in Canada. Actually, this country is a treasure chest of surprises!

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