Top 10 Richest Personalities in Canada

10th Position: Carlo Fidani

The 10th richest person in Canada is Carlo Fidani whose total fortune is of $4.08 billion dollars. A Toronto based area Construction Company called “Fidani and Sons”, was founded by Carlo’s grandfather in 1948. After the death of his father Orey in 2000, he took full ownership of the family construction, development and management business. Today the company is known as “Orlando Corp” that has more than 40 million square feet of real estate in Toronto, which the company leases and manages.

9th Position: James Armstrong Richardson

Richardson left position of CEO from the family owned grain company, “James Richardson and Sons”, to get into politics. He was selected to the cabinet of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. “James Richardson and Sons” manages “Richardson International” – privately held Canadian agricultural and food Industry Company, and the financial services through “Richardson Financial Group”. This brings James Richardson and his family a fortune of $4.45 billion dollar, putting him and his family in the 9th richest Canadian.

8th Position: Jeffrey Skoll

The first full time employee and the first president of EBay Inc. Jeffrey Skoll, is a Canadian engineer, entrepreneur and also a film producer. He owns a media company called “Participant Media” and also a “Skoll Foundation” through which he became a philanthropist. His shares in EBay fetched him around $2billion dollar when he cashed out. Currently his fortune is $4.92 billion dollar, making him the 8th richest person in Canada.

7th Position:Paul Desmarais

A Canadian financier in Montreal, who took up his grandfather’s bankrupted Bus Company -“Sudbury Bus Lines” and turned into a Power Company – “Power Corporation of Canada” which was dynamic in the fields of mass media, pulp and paper and monetary services. Paul’s total fortune is $4.93 dollars, making the 7th richest person in all of Canada.

6th Position: Lino Saputo

Founder and CEO of Canadian based Cheese manufacturing company“Saputo Inc”, Lino Saputo is now the 6th richest person in Canada. Saputo Inc later turned to becomes Canada’s largest Dairy company, and world’s 12th largest. Saputo Diary got expanded to United States, Germany, Wales and Argentina through mergers and acquisitions. Lion Saputo and his family’s worth is about $5.24 billion dollars.

5th Position: Jim Pattison

James Allen “Jim” Pattison one of the Canada’s leading Business Magnet and philanthropist have earned a fortune of $7.39 billion dollars from his solely owned company “Jim Pattison Group” which is Canada’s largest privately held company. Jim Pattison is the CEO and the Chairman of his company that he started himself, unlike other richest people whose initial work were done passed on in the family line. Jim Pattison’s effort and hard work has put him in the spot of 5th richest person in Canada.

 4th Position: Edward Rogers III

Edward Samuel Roger is the deputy chairman of Rogers Communication. Rogers Communication is a public company that operates particularly in the field of wireless communications, cable television, telephone, and Internet connectivity with substantial extra telecommunications and mass media resources. Rogers was the first carrier anywhere to launch the BlackBerry device after launching Wireless data at Rogers Wireless. After working in different high positions in Rogers Communication, Edward Rogers III summed up a fortune of $7.60 billion dollars and is the 4th richest person in Canada.

3rd Position: The Irving brothers

Arthur Irving, James Irving, & John Irving, sons of late industrialist K.C. Irving, are the 3rd richest people in Canada. Their main sources of wealth are from “J.D. Irving Limited”, “Irving Oil Ltd” and “Brunswick News”. Collectively it’s called “the Irving Group of Companies”. After K.C. Irving’s death in 1992, possession and charge for the Irving companies was divided accordingly among all the three sons of K.C. Irving. The total worth of the Irving brothers is $7.85 dollars.

2nd Position: Galen Weston

With a fortune of $10.40 billion dollars made from one of the oldest and Canada’s largest food processing and Distribution Company “George Weston Limited”, Galen Weston grandson of George Weston is the second richest person in Canada. Weston also owns the country’s largest supermarket retailer “Loblaw Companies”. The Weston family holding company “Wittington Investments” declared the purchase of Holt Renfrew & Co. Limited in 1986.

1st Position: David Thomson

David Thomson is the richest person in Canada with estimated worth of $26.10 billion dollars. His sources of wealth are from “Thomson Reuters” and “The Woodbridge Company”. Thomson Reuters is a merger of his family media business “Thomson Corporation” for which he became the Chairman after his father’s death, with the acquired “Reuters”. The Woodbridge is a private holding company in Canada with David Thomason and his brother Peter Thomson as Chairmen.

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