Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking Solar Installation Companies

What’s green in 2021?

More Americans are joining the green movement and looking for renewable energy sources. Why’s that?

Greater home value, eco-friendliness, and most of all, lesser expenses. It’s no wonder why many people start investing in green services like solar energy. There are many benefits of solar energy as an alternative energy source.

However, switching to solar panels is no ordinary feat that you can DIY. Do you want long-term success in using solar panels for your household?

Here are the top five factors to consider when picking solar installation companies.

1. Review Company Experiences and Accreditations

When choosing your solar installation provider, their experience level is important. Installing solar panels is no simple task since these panels are heavy. It’s in your best interest to get an experienced contractor who can install your panels in a correct and timely manner.

Check for accreditations or licenses, like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Each state has different laws and regulations for solar panel installation. Doing this can avoid any mishaps with the law.

2. Weigh Out Service Costs and Product Price

One of the conveniences of going green and using solar energy is its lesser costs. Although panels are not that expensive, installation can get pricey.

When it comes to picking a solar installation provider, find a service that fits your budget. Comparing installation fees between your choices is important. Those with lower estimation quotes than most companies may not provide quality solar panels.

One good way of helping you compare fees is by using a comparison website. They highlight price differences between providers within your area.

3. Check the Warranty

Most solar panels today consist of sturdy materials, but it wouldn’t hurt to secure a warranty.

Getting a company with a long-term warranty can help you secure your investments. Blue Raven Solar offers a 25-year manufacturer warranty to their customers.

Ensure that your solar installation company offers warranties for their panels. This helps in covering for the products and services you have availed.

4. Customer Support Availability

Another thing to contemplate is the company’s customer support availability. A great support team has the expertise in handling any inquiries from customers.

Finding out when and how to contact the support team when in need of immediate help is useful. For example, a 24-hour customer service system that you can reach via phone call or messenger is ideal.

5. Look Into Reviews and Testimonies

Looking into online customer reviews is also a helpful factor. Knowing the client satisfaction rates of companies shows the quality of their services.

You may check third-party sites like Yelp as well to get more ideas. It wouldn’t hurt to look at how the company responds to negative reviews. This often shows how well the company handles customer service.

Picking Solar Installation Companies: How to Choose the Best

Experiences, accreditations, cost efficiency, warranty, and reviews. These are the top things you need to check into when hiring a solar installation company. Lessen the hassle and start picking solar installation companies with these factors in mind.

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