Brief About Online Sports Streaming Site VIPBox & Its Best Alternatives

Many people love watching the different sports live in the field or on their television set. Different sports TV channels allow viewing of these live events. There are some websites available that allow sports lovers to view these upcoming sports matches or events live on their smartphones or laptops with no charges. Using these streaming websites people can stream the events without wasting their time and from any place.

What is VIPBox?

Various online sports free streaming sites allow sports lovers to watch their favorite sports events live. One of the leading online sports events streaming websites is VIPBox that allows viewers to watch different sports events without any subscription charges. There are thousands of viewers from across the globe that uses this website for streaming different sports events. Its popularity is increasing day by day and its subscribers are increasing tremendously. The sports events are streamed by the third parties that have the rights for streaming the events.

Different features of VIPBox:

The different features provided by VIPBox that the audiences can enjoy include:

  • VIPBox is free for all users across the different countries
  • It is the platform that allows the viewers for searching for any games they want to watch based on the schedule or by searching through teams or events.
  • It streams all the sports events and also includes the lesser popular ones.
  • VIPBox sports TV is accessible on various devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones tablets, etc.
  • It allows the users for watching all the NFL matches starting from the preseason, playoffs and also includes other competitive games.
  • VpBox shows the advertisements but those are the milder ones and audiences can navigate through them easily on the website
  • This application consumes lesser memory space and battery for its usage.
  • It supports different channels from multiple languages for reaching several users.

Types of sports streamed on VIPBox:

The VIPBox site is endowed and one can find any port of their choice on the site. A person having an interest in more than one sport will find this as a one-stop destination for streaming of various sports events on one site.

The different sports that can be viewed using VIPBox include American football, Boxing, Basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, rugby, Darts, AFL, UFC, MMA, Formula 1, Wrestling, MotoGP, Fighting sports, Moto racing, Cycling, Nascar, Volleyball, handball, horse racing, table tennis, cricket, snooker, badminton, etc.

Benefits for using VIPBox for live streaming of sports:

There are different reasons for the audiences loving this VIPBox for streaming live sports events. The different benefits gained by the audiences for using the VIPBox site include:

  1. Complete package:

The VIPBox allows streaming of the different types of sports events. VIPBox allows streaming of almost 9 of the 10 sports events that any viewers would like to watch.

It allows in streaming of various popular football events like the La Liga, English Premier League, Serie, A, and many more events outside the league. VIPBox covers a comprehensive area for viewing the different events.

  1. Streams in multiple languages:

VIPBox allows the streaming of the event in different languages The user can select any one of the six official languages spoken all over the world for enjoying the live streaming. This ensures that the viewer does not have any difficulty while using the site.

The different official languages available for streaming include English, Italian, Espanol, Francais, Deutsch, and Dutch. Selecting one of these languages helps in efficient searching of the content on the VIPBox for streaming.

  1. Supports on various devices:

The VIPBox site works well on most internet-enabled devices. These include computer desktops, laptops, Androids, tablets, and IOS devices. VIPBox supports all of these mentioned devices with ease.

On any of these devices, the user needs to enter the working link or URL in tot browse the device. This site allows the user to watch the live streaming from any location like office, bar, street, home, etc.

  1. Good video quality:

VIPBox streams all the live sports events in the best quality. It allows the viewers to watch all the shows without stressing the eyes and ears. It displays all the videos in HD, and this high-level format makes its audiences feel like they are watching the action live in the field.

  1. Access in all countries:

This VIPBox site allows streaming in all the countries as this is open to all its viewers from across the world.

  1. Availability of search bar:

There are a number of live events streaming at a time and also VIPBox allows watching the older sports events. Thus it becomes difficult in locating the required event for streaming.

The VIPBox has a search bar that enables its users to search efficiently for their favorite event for streaming.

URLs used for accessing VIPBox:

On logging on to the website for VIPBox through the browser, the viewers are redirected to a new page. Most of the time, the URL does not work. There are other working URLs for VIPBox live sports event streaming that include:

  • com,
  • biz,
  • com, and
  • eu.

Steps for accessing the sports on VIPBox Tv:

The different steps to be followed for accessing the different sports events on the VIPBox TV include:

  1. Visit the VIPBox Tv sports website: There is a list of URLs that can be used for streaming the live matches for free. Select one of the URLs, enter the link and browse while staying connected to the internet.
  2. Search for the sports event: VIPBox TV streams all the different sports for free. There are 2 options for searching the games for streaming. The first one is by searching the event based on the scheduled games displayed on the homepage. The alternate method for searching the game is by entering the name of the team or player on the search field for getting accurate search results.
  3. Playing the video: On locating the match or event to be streamed, click on the “play video’ tab. This comes along with the two links for playing the video based on the site selected. The videos for live streaming are displayed in High Definition (HD)
  4. Enjoy live games for free on VIPBox Tv Sports Website: It allows enjoying the streaming of the live event. The audience can have their favorite snack to binge on while enjoying the live streaming of the sports event.

Installation of VIPBox on Android phones:

The steps for installing the VIPBox on the android smartphone include:

  • Downloading VIPBox Tv apk on the android smartphone from the links available. Note down the location where this downloaded file is saved.
  • On downloading, enable the source on the android device. Go to settings, security, and unknown sources to enable it.
  • On enabling the settings, proceed to the location where the apk file is saved. and then click on the tab ‘install’.
  • The application will install on the android smartphone. Open the application after completion of installation and then enjoy streaming the sports event.

Alternatives for VIPBox:

There are VIPBox alternatives that are available and viewers can use those sites for streaming their favorite sports events. Some of the best alternative sites for VIPBox include:

  1. ATDHE Streams:

This is one of the best online sites one can consider for streaming live sports on any device. This site allows the audiences to stream their favorite sport any time of the day. The website for streaming the sports events for this site is

  1. Crackstreams:

This site is loved by most audiences for streaming the sports of their choice. The viewer does not have to provide any personal details as streaming sports on this site does not require any registration.

The site does not include any intrusive advertisements is common with the online sports free streaming sites. This site allows the viewer to stream a regular or preseason event. Viewers can stream their favorite sport on

  1. Stream2Watch:

It is not possible for everyone to be able to watch the live sport of their choice all the time at home in front of their television site. Stream2Watch is the site that allows sports lover to stream their favorite event on their device at any time.

This site allows the streaming of premium television channels that are usually viewed by paid subscribers. All the different channels are streamed free of cost. The sports can be streamed on the website

  1. Batman Stream:

This site has not yet gained popularity for streaming sports events but as a football fan a viewer will definitely fall in love with this site. It streams various sports events.

The audiences who have streamed live sports on this site have visited this site again for live and free streaming of sports events. Audiences can enjoy live streaming on

  1. VipLeague:

VipLeague has been a worthy competitor for the VIPBox for years now for streaming live sports events. If any sports fan I searching for a site for streaming all the live sports events free of cost then this is the site to visit.

This site has some intrusive advertisements that the audiences have to watch but for the free streaming, this price is fair for live streaming. Viewers can log on to for free streaming of sports events.


For streaming the motorsports events, then this site is a must-try. It also streams the other sports free of cost. The site has a setting for notification features that reminds the user of upcoming and ongoing sports events.


This site is famous for streaming sports events along with live TV channels, Sports news, broadcasts, live scores, highlights, etc. It has more than 130 channels that can be handled and viewed smoothly and flawlessly.

  1. Feed2All:

This site is well known for its clean and straightforward design that allows its users to easily accessing of sports events. The contents of this website are neatly organized making it easier for the viewers. It categorizes the events based on different genres making it easier to search.

  1. MamaHD:

This website is known for the combination of high-quality videos and clean layouts. This has an expansive collection of all the sports videos that a sports lover will definitely love watching.

  1. StreamWoop:

StreamWoop allows streaming of all types of sports genres and categories. Access to the website is free. On registering on the website it allows the users to unlock some more interesting features. The handling of this website is smooth, easy, and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for VIPBox:

  1. Q: Is VIPBox legal?

A: The VIPBox is not legal as it is not authorized for granting access to the users. It is advisable for all audiences not to use an illegal site without having a good VPN. If there is no VPN available, then there are various VPNs available online that can be freely downloaded for use.

Using a VPN makes it harder for anyone to track as it does not use the real IP address.

  1. Q: Is VIPBox safe?

A: Using the VIPBox is safe for use but it is common for any free sports or movie streaming sites for adopting an advertising scheme that plays the ads and can inadvertently cause issues to the device. Many links for the advertisement pops in but as long as the viewer avoids clicking it further, the device will not come in contact with any malware or virus that will prove harmful.

Generally, the device does not contact any viruses from the sites that are redirected. While using the VIPBox, it is advisable not to provide any personal data. Using the VPN help it is secured the use of VIPBox by protecting the data.

  1. Q: Is there a need for a VPN for streaming sports on VIPBox?

A: Yes the user needs to have a VPN for streaming sports on VIPBox. This VPN allows in hiding all the activities while streaming the event and enables in staying anonymous from the ISPs.

  1. Q: What are the other sites like VIPBox?

A: The other VIPBox alternatives include,, Feed2All, StreamWoop, etc.

Using VIPBox for streaming the live sports events is one of the best options that the audiences enjoy for the different varieties of sports events, sports events, classic sports events, interviews, etc. at free of cost.

Summing it Up:

If you are a sports lover not willing to spend a lump sum amount as a channel subscription to view on your gadgets! Then opting for this online streaming website VIPBox which is the legal website would be the right option to view live streaming sports events.

Also, here we have provided the right set of alternatives to VIPBox where you can also view live streaming sports events without any hassles.