10 Countries without Armed Forces

We call ourself living in the most educated and advanced world. Still, the aspects like terrorism, threats of attack by rival nations make it quite frustrating and tiring sometimes. A world without weapons is still a matter of dream. However, astonishing, but it is true that there are the nations those don’t have armed forces. The line-up is about those.

10 Andorra

Andorra is not having any standard armed force. However, they have made deals with Spain and France regarding security. There is a group perfectly trained just to face the terror attacks or accidental cases, and it is apart of national police.

9 Costa Rica:

Great to see is that their constitution has outlawed any military force since 1949. However, they have protective force that primarily aims of native protection issues. Undoubtedly, this is the most deserving place to have United Nation’s University of Peace.

8 Grenada:

Grenada is also another nation without any functional armed force. America fronted attack is said to be the prime reason for such case. They are having no force since 1983. There is a police force available for internal security purpose

7 Liechtenstein

The nation realised that it is spending unnecessary costs for armed forces, and ultimately rubbished the entire process since 1868. However, there is an armed force brought in to action only during war like situations appear. There is a police team available like a semi army for internal security issues.

6 Marshall Island:

Marshall Island only makes the Police forces available as the legal security arrangements. There is a Maritime Surveillance Unit available for native security like a semi armed force. Anyway, the United Sates takes the responsibility of defence activities in the nation.

5 Vatican City

Vatican City is also a nation without any armed forces. The small nation is having only a Police unit for internal security purposes. There is no defence arrangement in accordance with the Italian republic as it would infringe Vatican’s equality. Anyway, the Italian force takes care of the Vatican City.

4 Solomon Islands

Though Solomon Island is having no armed forces, still there is a comparatively well maintained police force available to face the internal challenges. The Maritime Surveillance Unit with fundamental equipments takes care of the native protection issues.

3 Nauru  

Nauru is having no formal standing armed force in action. It is the whole responsibility of Australia to take care of the defence aspects of Nauru. This is the result of an unofficial deal between both the nations. There is a police force available for internal security.

2 Samoa  

Samoa is the nation over this proud globe that has no evidence of military force since its inception. There is the Maritime Surveillance Unit and a comparatively smaller police force available for native security. New Zealand takes care of their defence.

1 Tuvalu  

Well, Tuvalu is another in the line-up that has no armed forces since its formation. Like the earlier case they have also a Maritime Surveillance Unit and a group of police available for native protection issues. They have some moderate amount of weapon and other arrangements.

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