10 Isolated Tribes That Avoided Globalized Civilization

Humans are very proud being the most intelligent living organism on earth. Some say the time has come when people have forgotten that they used to be like naked animals with the only intention of arranging food sources. Well, this is not true always. There are still some parts of the globe where you can witness the way you used to be; something like a flashback. The major concern is that they don’t want to be civilized.

10 The Surma Tribe

You can find them in southern Sudan and at some parts of Ethiopia. Suri, Muris have been exactly living the way they used to be some two or three hundred years back. In fact they have different groups as well just like there are divisions in one religion.

9 The Jackson Whites

It is speculated that the total population of these Jackson Whites would be around some five to six thousands. Mostly they can be found around Ramapo Hills, and also in Rockland areas. However, these people are known for their rebel like attitude. It is said that they were made slaves in earlier days.

8 The Lone Brazilian

Can you believe it; this man lives like he is the only man on this earth? Many times scientist groups have tried to catch him, but never really their attempt has become successful. In many occasions they have missed him in a pretty suspicious fashion.

7 Ishi – The Last of the Native Americans

You must have come across with the term Yana people in California, United States. And, Ishi was the last person of the group Yahi, the ultimate living gang of Yana. Interestingly, when he was captured he said that nobody has given any name to him. He is absolutely alone ever.

6 The Man of the Hole

This man lives absolutely alone in Brazilian forests. It is said that the man is living in this fashion since last fifteen to twenty years. Great to see is the way he makes his rectangular holes and stays within. It is the biggest mystery in which language he expresses.

5 The Brazilian Tribes

Brazilian tribes are the most separated groups living on this earth. These groups of tribes are maximum in number than any others. However, it has been a tough task to locate or investigate about these as they live pretty much in a shattered fashion and can live in varied kinds of conditions.

4 The Korowai Tribe

The Korowai tribes are found in Papua New Guinea. They have been also found in some parts of Indonesia. For the first time they were found during 70s. Many attempts have been made to get closer of those, but never really it was successful.

3 The Mashco-Piro Tribe

These Mascho-Piro tribal groups are found in very hard to reach zones of Amazon forests. It is said that maximum efforts have been put to make contact with these tribal, but each time they have successfully escaped. Anyway, these Piro talking people are increasing in number.

2 Pintupi Nine Tribe

Living up pretty much with the name they were found in a group of nine in Gibson deserts of Australia. Some have to say that they were the last Aborogines on earth living in a different way. Plants are rabbit flesh is their favourite foods.

1 The Sentinelese Tribe

The tribe live on North Sentinel Island. They are pretty small in number; estimated to be about five hundred. These groups are said to be the most isolated groups over the Andaman Islands. Least is known about them as they talk much in language of weapons.

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