10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

We become too complaining upon coming cross any minor damage in road conditions. In fact, no matter how well maintained the condition of a road is, but completely avoiding accidents is possible only in dreams. And, there are also roads through which it’s pretty much like going on the path of death. Here in the line-up below we have some of the scariest paths over the globe to travel.

10 North Yungas Road in Bolivia

The forty miles spreading way is also known as the road of death. It comes along the Yungas zone. It is said that the road has already witnessed about three hundred deaths. The narrow path along sudden turns makes it more frequent to meet deaths. However, efforts are being put to make it safer comparatively.

9 Stelvio Pass Road, Italy

There s no issue about the road; the condition is good, and not much challenges involved on its way as well. However, the major concern here is the irresistible wind that makes it really difficult to move. You need to be very experience to handle the steering wheel.

8 Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

It still gets a place in the line-up despite being revamped pretty much. Earlier it was very difficult to drive along. The boundaries made have really managed to prevent accidents up to a great extent. Things get worse here during rainy season as it becomes difficult enough to control friction.

7 Halsema Highway in Philippines

This is a really difficult path to move on with challenges appearing in the forms of mud, stones, landslides, etc. In addition the road is too narrow making the steering wheels rotate almost in 360 degree fashion. There is even no safety bars.

6 Cotopaxi Volcano Road, Ecuador

You have to be really careful while moving though this forty kilometres spreading pathway. It makes you available with sudden and dangerous branching along the path. Apart from this, there are enough holes and bizarre conditions appear to welcome you.

5 Taroko Gorge Road in Taiwan

Deadly turns and twirls make the road one of the most dangerous over the globe to move. You have to pass through the mountains along those edgy conditions. The situation gets impossible to handle when any natural calamity occurs.

4 Pan-American Highway, Alaska to Argentina

There is literally not much issues involved here as it is quite a nice highway from exterior. However, you have to face many challenging situations while moving through this spreading path. You have to cross rocky paths, bushes, deserts, etc on your way.

3 Siberian Road to Yakutsk in Russia

The biggest threat possible over the lobe is to move through these paths during winter days, and the most of the days in these zones is winter. Extensive snow falls make the path too slippery to handle. Fogs affect your vision as well while moving.

2 Sichuan-Tibet Highway in China

The biggest threat one has to face while moving along the path is in the form of landslides. Such situations are pretty consistent here and have taken many lives. However, you will witness the most scenic beauty while moving along here.

1  Zoji Pass in India

The road is too mountainous you can imagine. You have to be an expert to drive through these paths. The roads here are too narrow and winding. Apart from this, there remains threat of extensive snowfalls as well.

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