Top 10 Most Famous Castles of Pakistan

Pakistan may be known for all wrong reasons, but there remains always the other side of a coin. The nation has been blessed by ecstatic natural beauty, which is just incomparable. Another reason that makes the nation distinguishing is the castles here. All these castles are too striking in terms of architectural patterns. Here we have listed some of the most enchanting among those.

10 Altit Forts

Altit fort holds used to be the residence of the emperors of the Hunza stat. Despite being one of the most antique castes it represents the architecture at its best. The castle is believed to be of about thousand years old.

9 Sadiq Garh Palace

Pakisan witnesses a huge number of tourists due to this Sadiq Garh Palace. It was constructed by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad, the emperor of Bahawalpur. A huge expense was spent for construction of the fort, and sources say it took about ten years for the completion of the project. All the very talented architects then around the globe were put in to action for it.

8 Rohtas Fort

Famous Mughal emperor Sher Shah Suri was responsible for this construction of such one of the most magnificient castles over the globe. However, it is said that Sher Shah constructed this in defence of the native tribes, those were called Gakhars. People say Sher shah was too scared of these Gakhars.

7 Red Fort Muzaffarabad

Not only the castle, but the complete surrounding of place is too attractive. Being there along Neelum River, Kashmir the view is just breathtaking from here. It was completely established by emperor Muzaffar Khan during his tenure.

6 Derawar Fort

Derwar Fort is said to be having the most improved quality of construction. In fact, the castle is believed to be the biggest forts in entire Pakistan. Interesting to know that despite involving minimal hands (almost no) on renovation, the fort is still in very good condition.

5 Faiz Mahal

This terrific construction was made by the regal family, Talpur Mirs. By definition, Mirs was associated with the names of very rich groups of people, and you can realise similar mindset through the architectural pattern of the castle. Another best part about the place is its catchy gardens.

4 Bala Hissar Castle

Earlier it used to be the residence place for the emperors. The definition of Bala Hissar is top castle; perhaps given in accordance with it’s construction pattern. It was the centre of extensive comforts of the rulers from Afghanistan.

3 Ranikot Fort

This is perhaps the longest spreading forts over the globe, and off course in entire Pakistan. It covers a huge area of more than twenty five kilometres. The fort is also popularly known as the great wall of Sindh representing the earlier glorious construction patterns.

2 Noor Mahal

Noor Mahal is one of the most antique forts in Pakistan and of the world. It was established in 1872. It was constructed under the thorough supervision of Nawab (King) Subah Sadiq. As a symbol of love, the nawab had made this for his wife.

1 Royal Fort Lahore

Here we come up with the most popular forts in Pakistan, the Royal Fort Lahore. It had to go through many challenging situations. However, the present pattern of construction is said to have been made by famous Mughal ruler, King Akbar

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