10 Most Fascinating Wonders of Australia

Australia is often called as land of wonders. It is the land of some beautiful and amazing architecture that have been created by the nature. The beautiful Australia might have many things but certainly there are some wonders that can never be or should be overlooked. Here are such 10 best fascinating wonders in Australia which can mesmerize you.

10.Lord Howe Island

The vast blue sea in front, cleat blue sky in the front and green forests everywhere in the surroundings, the island is a way to live again. The beautiful Howe Island is known for its tropical forest which is still untouched by the growing urbanization. The nature is still as it is and charm for the eyes.

9.The Pinnacles

The shine of Western Australia, the Pinnacles are found in the Nambung National Park. The limestone formations are uprooted on the land and supposedly formed some 30000 years ago. They are absolutely stunning to observe and visualize. Grey Kangaroos, Reptiles and many others reside at the pinnacles.


The National Park is known for its enriched and versatile wildlife landscape and biodiversity. The beautiful Kakadu National Park is nearer to Darwin and place of thousands of species. It is also famous for beautiful waterfalls, plants and crocodiles.

7.The Twelve Apostles

The view from the Great Ocean Road in the Victorian Coast can be as beautiful as it can be. There are twelve limestone stacks that are facing the cruel erosion of the nature standing against the time. As of now, only eight stacks are left, however, the popularity and beauty has not faced any erosion over the years.

6.The Olgas

The famous domes of Ayers Rock, the Olgas are standing at the desert. It is assumed that it was also a single rock which eroded with time. However, they are still tall and taller than Ayers Rock. The highest peak of the domes is 1148 feet.

5.The Outback

If you have imagined that the world has no more space left, then you might not have heard about Outback of Australia. Similar of size to Western Europe, the space is remote and arid. This is a heaven for the adventure seekers but equally challenging and exciting.

4.King Canyon

The part of Watarrka National Park, King Canyon is an old rock which is still standing against the time. The best part of this rock is that the adventure and enthrallment it offers. It is home to more than 600 species and has some real excitement for the travel lovers.

3.Sydney Opera House

It is not something natural but of course nothing less than a wonder. The beautiful dexterity and the lotus shaped building is often coined as the most beautiful structure of modern world. The combination of light, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge can be as romantic as possible.

2.Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock itself is the pride of Australia. Apart from being a site for natural beauty, the Urulu Ayers Rock is sacred site as well. People do not climb the rock for the same reason. The beautiful rock is also the second largest standing Monolithic of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1.Great Reef Barrier

This is not only for Australia but perhaps for the world, a precious wonder. This is the only living thing in the earth that can be visible from the space. The 3000 km spreading coral reef has some mystery within it. It has at least 1500 species few known and few unknown in it. This is also the only place in the world where more than 400 coral types are found. It is situated at the Queensland Coast and was naturally formed some 25 million years ago.

The beautiful Australia has plenty to talk about. The amazing Tasmania Sea, amazing view of the mountains, few best beaches in the world and unbelievable bio diversity, Australia itself is a wonder of the world.

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