5 Hidden Signs You Need a Boiler Repair Service

Boiler systems have a lifespan ranging from 15-30 years. Compared to a standard heat pump, boilers last twice as long.

The problem with boilers is it’s easy to forget about them if they work right. Homeowners assume the system will continue to maintain itself. Long-term boiler neglect can lead to hazardous situations in your home.

What does it take to make sure your boiler lasts over 20 years? Pay attention to your boiler’s performance.

Some boiler issues are hard to spot. Grab a flashlight and look for these 5 problems. If you spot any of them, call a boiler repair service.

boiler system repair

1. Check for Hidden Leaks

Boilers heat water and send it or the resulting steam through the house. The hot water or steam gathers in radiators or hidden pipes to heat each room.

A leak anywhere in the system can cause over $2000 for the post-flood cleanup. If that leak isn’t taken care of, mold will grow in the location in 48 hours. Mold remediation costs range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands.

2. The Boiler Cycles Off and On Too Often

When your boiler doesn’t stay on long enough to heat the water, it wastes energy. Boiler systems with oil tanks will run dry and that cost adds up.

Contact your boiler repair service and explain the problem. They’ll tell you if it’s an easy fix, as the water pressure. Sometimes it’s a bigger repair like a damaged valve.

3. Rooms Far From the Boiler Have No Heat

Boilers should be able to provide hot water to every room in the house. These systems provide heated water for radiators and your washing needs.

Turn on the tap on the far side of the house and time how long it takes to get hot water. If you wait over 5 minutes, there may be a problem with the boiler’s heating elements.

4. The Boiler Sounds Like a Monster

The loud clanging you heard isn’t the basement monster, it’s your boiler. Banging noises in the boiler are a sign that the tank is dirty. Sediment from the boiled water sticks to the tank’s parts and creates a heat barrier.

Hissing coming from the boiler means it’s overheating. Contact a boiler system repair service as soon as possible if this happens.

5. There’s a Foul Smell Near the Boiler

Does the basement smell like rotten eggs? It could be from bacteria growing in the boiler. Ask your boiler repair service to check the sacrificial anode.

Another thing to check for is a heavy metallic scent. This could mean your boiler has a fuel leak. Contact a professional to stop the leak before the fuel causes a fire.

Boiler Repair Service Will Help Your Survive a Harsh Winter

Don’t get caught off-guard this winter by a broken boiler. Take a few minutes this weekend to inspect yours for hidden problems.

If you spot any of these issues, snap a picture for the boiler repair service. It’ll give them a good place to start their work and save them some time.

Keep an eye out for other common problems like rust and corrosion. They will cause a flood if ignored for too long.

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