6 Farming Facts You Didn’t Know

When thinking about farming, the term ‘fun facts about farming’ most likely does not come to mind. For most Americans, farming seems like anything but fun.

Hard work, early mornings, and late nights come to mind when thinking about food farming facts and facts about commercial farming. Science, weather, knowledge, engineering, and skill are a few of the things that go into being a good farmer.

There’s a lot that most people don’t know about farming though it’s part of just about every aspect of our lives. Keep reading to learn these six farming facts so you can start appreciating what goes into producing the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and some of the products you use.

1. Family Owned and Operated

Almost all of the farms found in the U.S. are family-owned. When families are working together to support themselves, you can be sure that they’re doing all they can to produce the best products.

2. Nearly Everything We Use and Eat Comes From a Farm

If you were asked to name something you eat that doesn’t come from a plant or animal, you’d be stumped. A lot of the things we use come from farms as well. Think cotton, wood, soybeans and corn used in industrial products.

3. Girl Power

Over 30% of the 3.3 million farmers are women. The number of women farmers steadily increases and according to studies, they’re doing better than men in the profession.

4. Farmers Have to Care About Land and Water

Farmers can’t use their farm land haphazardly. If they want their farm to continue and to be able to pass it on to their children, they have to use the best practices to keep the land and water useful.

5. Most Farms are Specialized

Unlike Old MacDonald, most farmers do not have cows, chickens, and pigs or grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Most farmers concentrate on one type of livestock or a certain category of food so that they can use technology, equipment, and facilities to put out the best produce or meat.

6. Technologically Advanced

Whether you’re referring to farming equipment for planting, seed treating, tractors, and more or things like drones or robots, farms have become very technologically advanced.

iPads and laptops allow farmers to do things like monitoring farm animals in labor and control the barn temperature from a smartphone. Barns are equipped with Wi-Fi and webcams for monitoring and security. These are a few little-known farming equipment facts.

Farming Facts

We don’t often think about how farming affects our everyday lives. These fun farming facts spell it out for us and make us appreciate the farmers who work so hard to bring quality food products to people all over the world.

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