Benefits of being a night owl

6 o’clock wake up, 8 a.m. job run, 7 p.m. back to home till 10 in night get back to sleep. The mainstream life has no fun and uniqueness in living. Every other person lives a life with the same schedule, what is common in you than them? Nothing. But there is person who starts a day after day. Their life starts from the point you end up.

A regular day hustle, vehicle horn, highway traffic, and days heat, bring down the energy and leads you to tension and stressed sleep. But when you have energy at night you can actually do your remaining projects and can relax next day. You can actually enjoy night parties, drinks and refreshments with friends and can explore new creativity or even roads. Plus you can stay distressed and can explore creativity in you.

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Actually, night life is peaceful and more exploring. People who are night owls are same as me. Being a night owl is of no problem, rather it has many benefits.

Benefits of being a night owl:

– Creativity and Originality:

Better use of mind and creating a new time, with exploring new self-made work, describes how much creatively you think. Compared to morning people, the hustle and interference of any distracting media are less in the night. You can have a wide thinking and can create a new painting, a new poem, new music lyrics, and a new life. The work done in the night is original and without any mistakes.

Some night owls have the tendency to write, they can easily sit relaxed and create their own work, they have the whole night to write, and think.

– Mental performance:

It is tested that night owls have more reaction ability then early birds. The mental alertness is more at night owls than others. What night owls are really known for is their mental ability. They are mentally very well and senses work perfectly.

We all have done night studied once or twice in our journey, and the chances of good learning are much more than that of studying in morning or daytime.

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One great reason for well working of the body during night time is the night weather is cold as compared to daytime. Heat and regular running from one place to another, kill down body energy.

Whereas in the cool working condition of night, we can perform with whole our senses and with total focus.

– Easy Night works

Early birds are not able to do extra work and in the night they cannot do overtime work. That adds up a plus point of being a night owl, one person who has a daily night lifestyle can easily do work in an emergency.Body become adapted to the nightlife and with time staying up at night becomes easy and untiring.So, when working in the office overnight, you do not feel tiring and you can work with same energy till the work is done.

A person can drive with more perfectness and comfortably who is a night owl.Early birds lose up energy and can also feel dizzy while driving.

– Preparing for next day

Night time is the time that you can give to your family and talk to them and understand each and every situation. For any new plan, you can talk to your family members or colleagues if in office, and pack yourself with the schedule for the next day. And you can actually prepare a more hustle free plan.

If you are going for another adventure the next day, you can pack your bags and items before night.You can prepare meals or coffee for the morning birds and can wish them a happy morning with love.

You can clean up your house in the night if you have a meeting the next day and you are a mess creator.

– Enjoy night parties

Being not an early bird has one totally fun loving benefit and i.e. Partying. We all love doing parties but when it comes practically, we have a scheduled day, which has already turned us down and we are left with no energy.

So, when parties happen for night owls, it’s their chance to enjoy the most, because they at least have enough energy left to do parties and do fun.

This Nightlife enjoyment can be anywhere: at home, at clubs, or on roads.But cautions are always to be taken because this is also the step where any wrong could happen.

– Self-Development

What we all see in us every day is the difference in the way we were the previous day. While being a night owl you can actually think and work towards it. You can read books, learn things over the internet, can see videos that try to teach DIY’s this could help in developing house knowledge and some new story novel can make your every night enjoying.
We are all living in a generation full of technical things, we do not need any type of Baba’s or so to read our hand and tell our fortune. Rather we have to develop our every next step by-self.

While working on a project that is time-consuming, but you know that you have the whole night and deadline is the very next day. You can actually learn to be patiently working while working in the night, and the product of whole night’s hard work is always pretty good. (I experienced same while working on my Geography project when I was in 12th.)

– Making Love

With no denying the fact, that all adults love making love. This is a very positive sign actually, the things that you might not know about your partner, you discover those pretty memories.The night is always taken as the best time for making love; you can feel the essence of night.

Bonding between you two gets strong and you both can understand that where you both have neglected the other and where you should now take care of the other.

Night owls could enjoy more than early birds, because the regular schedule does not apply to them, and they can have more enjoyment in the night.

– Night Jobs

“Early to Bed and Early to rising”, were some old sayings, with the advancement of time, jobs have also developed for night owls. Some person does not have anything to do even in the night but they can also not sleep. So, they can turn up and join Call Centers, with the utilization of time they can earn some money also.They can be productive and feel the need to work more.

So, No denying the fact that not only early birds are useful, but being a Night Owl is also a great opportunity. Also, if you’re an early bird, read my article on benefits of waking up early.

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