Revealed! The List of Best Hotels in Mysore

So you are all set to make your vacation memorable by visiting Mysore, one of the best tourist destinations of India?

Let us give you a list of the best hotels in Mysore so that you can feel the royalty of the city not only while visiting the famous palaces but also while resting and drowning into a deep sleep.

Chittaranjan Palace aka the Green Hotel – The name deserves to be on top of the list while talking about the royalty of the Mysore Kingdom. The palace was built lovingly for the princess of Mysore and now has been turned into a palace-hotel. The hotel is well-furnished with traditional Indian crafts and is surrounded by extensive gardens and formal lawns. The hotel has been set-up as a model of sustainable tourism. It has incorporated energy saving and eco-friendly initiatives such as solar energy and recycled water for plantations. The profits of the hotels are donated to environmental and charitable projects in India.

The Mysore Republic – If you want luxury in royalty rather than the simplicity of the Green Hotel then the Mysore Republic can be your first choice. This hotel is equipped with all modern amenities like A.C and free Wi-Fi. It is literally situated at the entrance of the Mysore City Railway Station making it a very convenient place to stay for tourists as well as frequent visitors. This hotel takes care of the big picture as well as the small intricate details of luxury. They provide many complimentary benefits with the next to perfect standard of suites. A stay at the Mysore Republic might give you the feel as if you were a guest of the royal clan of Mysore Kingdom.

Windflower Resort, Mysore – The resort with its natural setting is considered an idle place of stay at Mysore. It is built in a secluded area but not far from the city making it the best place to relax and unwind oneself. From food to services and behaviour of the staff are all of the top-notch qualities. Here you get all expected facilities such as free internet, free parking, and complimentary breakfast etc. The rooms are spacious, and safety is ensured with smart lock keys.

Tulips Homestay – As the name suggests the Tulips present themselves as a home away from home. The hotel located in a posh, calm and serene location provides all modern amenities and services while making the guests feel at home. To give you the perfect home like feeling they provide you with basic utensils and induction stove in a small kitchen attached to the room where you can cook if you love to do so. Not only the basicutensils they also provide refrigerator and coffee-maker at the place. They focus on keeping their spacious rooms tidy and clean. You may find this place a little far away from the railway station, but almost all major attractions of the city are within 10-15 Km radius.

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The Mansion 1907 – The Mansion, a blend of Indian and British architecture was built in 1907 as a residence for a well-known businessman of the time. As the mansion was builtbyVastu Shastra, the Indian Science of Architecture, there are plenty of natural air and light spaces on the property. They have three types of rooms – female dorms, mixed dorms and private rooms. The dorms start at 500INR while the private rooms are charged at 1,400. In addition to the facilities provided by all hotels, the Mansion also have the facilities of free morning yoga classes at the roof-top, laundry services, a fully equipped kitchen where you can make food of your choice and not to forget the rented cycles to roam around the city.

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Choose the one that fits best with your choice and get set go! Mysore is waiting to welcome you warmly.

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