7 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy


There may be nothing new under the sun. But the sun in and of itself is new. Solar energy is becoming very popular. It’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and safe. Yet few people know about it. What is so special about …

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The Importance of Wastewater Treatment

new control system

Throughout the US, we’ve seen the devastating effects of faulty wastewater treatment systems. From toxic drinking water to dead zones in large bodies of water, untreated wastewater leaves destruction and disease in its wake. It’s easy enough for us to …

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5 Surprising Benefits of Using Solar Power

solar power

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, in 2020 the United States 3.5 gigawatts of solar power. Total solar power in the United States now has a capacity of 85 gigawatts. This is enough to supply over 16 million homes …

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How Does a Mechanical Press Work Exactly?

Rygate LLC

The first mechanical press was manufactured by the American company Bliss and Williams to help make hole punching in metals an easier, more efficient process. The company began marketing its press around 1870. Although today’s mechanical press has come a …

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How Does Mass Production of Machine Parts Work?

mass production

Manufacturing accounts for 11.39% of the U.S.’s total economic output, according to the National Association of Manufacturers. And America’s growth in exported goods from 2010 to 2018 was up by an astounding 26.85%. So there’s a lot of interest, and …

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Do I Need Flood Insurance? Everything You Need to Know


You might associate floods with major hurricanes or waterfront property. But the truth is that floods can (and do) happen anytime, anywhere. In fact, floods are the most common natural disaster across the United States. They can happen no matter …

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