How to Remove a Fence Post: 4 Tips That Can Help

The white picket fence captured life in the American suburbs, especially in the late 1940s.

But nowadays, many don’t want fences because they’re expensive and require regular maintenance.

Removing fence posts is difficult especially when they’re embedded in concrete so, if you’re in this situation, don’t fret.

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Here’s how to remove a fence post in concrete.

  1. Get the Right Materials

Before we dive into how to remove a broken fence post set in concrete, you must gather essential materials for the job. You’ll need a shovel, steel chain (up to 6 feet long), a slip and grab hook, and a high-lift JackJaw (around 48 inches). If the area is rocky, consider getting a digging bar.

  1. Dig Around the Post

Not sure how to quickly remove a fence post?

Use your shovel to dig around the fence post until you’ll see the concrete footing. Aim to dig a wider hole because it’ll be easier to remove the post. You can also wet the topsoil so it’s easier to break apart.

  1. Wrap a Chain Around the Post

Regardless of whether you’ve got wooden or metal fence posts, you’ll need a chain to wrap around the concrete footing. Keep digging until the concrete is 10 inches above the ground then wind the chain around it.

Pull the chain tight around the concrete and then take a slip hook so you can securely fasten the chain onto itself so it doesn’t break free when you pull. After wrapping the concrete, you should have 12 inches of the chain left so you can add a grab hook to the end of it.

Don’t have enough? Buy a longer chain or adjust the length by moving your slip hook onto a different link. Now you can start using a jack to remove fence posts.

To do this, slip the last of the chain onto the jack and use the grab hook to connect the chain to itself. Then lock it around the jack but make sure it’s near the bottom so it doesn’t slip off or get yanked forward when you’re pulling.

  1. Pull

Keep your JackJaw stake puller straight and crank the level so the tension increases in the chain. The jack will lean forward slightly but make sure it doesn’t go too far. To prevent this, adjust the jack and start over from a new angle. When you’ve cranked it to full, the post should easily come out of the ground.

That’s How to Remove a Fence Post

Now you know how to remove a fence post on your own.

Once you’ve got the necessary tools, wrap a chain around the post, and use the JackJaw stake puller correctly. Don’t worry if you don’t get it initially, try placing the JackJaw in different angles to see which works best. Good luck!

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