Used vs New: Can Buying Refurbished Airplane Parts Save You Money?

No matter the shape or size, the benefits of owning a plane of obvious to those of us lucky enough to have one. Increased mobility, enhanced security, and the ability to take to the skies whenever we feel like it makes owning a new or used airplane of our own a no-brainer. However, that is not the only consideration you need to make.

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Once you have paid the list price for an aircraft, the expenses do not stop there. The cost of owning a plane can range from a few thousand dollars a year to six-figure annual sums for some of the largest private jets. That is why it is important to know where you can save serious money without compromising on quality and safety. With that in mind, read on the find out the benefits of buying used and refurbished airplane parts.

1.Tips for Buying Used Airplane Parts

Buy Airplane Parts from Trustworthy Sources

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for airplane parts for sale is to always use a trustworthy vendor. Never simply buy a part that you need from some random seller on Craiglist. Always use a licensed vendor that specializes in selling useable refurbished airplane parts. For example, if you are looking to replace your RDDi transmitter, use a licensed reseller such as Pilot Track.

Only Buy Certain Used Airplane Parts

Put simply, there are some things that you should just never buy secondhand. Small engine parts, transmitters, and furniture is usually fine to buy in a secondhand form, provided it is up to acceptable standards. However, certain parts that you just should not cut corners with, especially when it comes to pilot safety.

Always Check the Part Number Before You Buy

Every plane is different. It is therefore essential to ensure that you do not waste any money on used airplane parts that are not designed for the make or model of your aircraft. Always check the serial number for the part you need and make sure that the refurbished parts you buy match this number precisely.

Check for an Airworthiness Certification

Any airplane engine parts that have been refurbished and sold secondhand should be accompanied by full airworthiness certification documents so the buyer knows they are safe. These consist of OEM details, inspection date, condition of the part, and the signatures of the certifying professionals. Forging these documents is a serious crime that should always be reported.

2.Can Buying Used Airplan Parts Save You Money?

In a nutshell, buying refurbished parts for an airline will nearly always save you money. Refurbished parts that are in perfect working order are usually a fraction of the cost of a brand new part, especially if you install them yourself.

The only times where refurbished parts will not save you money is if those parts have been extensively modified, upgraded, and souped-up by the seller. Otherwise, opting for refurbished parts will keep your costs down.

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